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Yana Balubun needs support in her fight against time. She cant get the right treatment in Indonesia for her liver disease.

Help us to give Yana Balubun and Matthew Hendriks a simple loving moment together and hope for the future. Yana and Matthew are two individuals connected by love but divide by distance and a life threatening disease.

Matthew is a musician from San Diego, USA, Yana lives in Papua, Indonesia. Matthew and Yana met in Maluku, Indonesia 3 years ago and started a loving relationship. For Matthew Yana is the most wonderful woman he has ever met in his years on earth. She is a person who is always about giving and helping others. She is gifted with the beautiful ability to pick up any instrument and play it and share this with others. As a teacher to kids she has won awards for her help of Indigenous peoples around Indonesia. Unfortunately Yana fights with a life threatening liver disease. Matthew travels, when he can afford it, as much as possible to Indonesia to help her or send over food and medicines.

She got her liver illness when she was 3 years old and has been in and out of hospitals ever since. Unfortunately she and her family are not able to bring up the expenses to give her the right treatment needed to recover or at least explore what is needed to live a stable life. The local hospital is not able to provide Yana with the right treatment or even the right medicines.

Momentarily she is in bed and has permanent bleeding's. Because of this she is not able to work or find other ways to earn money she needs to pay for doctor visits or even medication. Although she is not attached to a religion she is a woman of god in a fight against time.

Yana also suffers anemia that causes her blood pressure to be very low. The permanent blood loss make her liver values life threatening low. Yana needs a blood transfusion and different scans to determine the right treatment. Even if she would be able to afford the treatment, the service she needs is not available in Indonesia. The place Yana lives has no modern technologies necessary for her possible recovery. To receive the right treatment, to at least stop the permanent bleeding's, Yana needs to go to a hospital with better facilities and specialist.

We are asking support for Matthew and Yana to get her the right treatment. We ask for help in taking the burden off Matthew and Yana in covering costs during this challenging time. Moreover, we would like to give back the love of a beautiful couple who can create and inspire the world with their music.

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