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It was a cold winters evening, I was invited to a function for Forever Angels.

Ursula told everyone there about what they stand for and what they do. Well, I was hooked from the get go. So the next day I applied to become a ‘place of safety’. Being a single mom to a, then, 2 year old toddler, I didn’t think I would be approved to become a ‘place of safety’ for abandoned, abused and neglected children.
I now know why I got clearance to become a ‘place of safety’ mommy. It is because God had a bigger plan.
After getting the yes to become a ‘place of safety’ we got the call we waited for, our first child to care for. He was 10 weeks old when he was placed in our care and protection; he became part of our little family immediately. I never thought that I was able to love someone else’s baby as if it was my own. Unconditional love……
I wish I could explain to all, the joy he brought to our family. He left us a week before his 1st birthday and got a placement. It broke me and my little girls’ hearts and also gave us immense joy all at the same time.
It is more than worth it to be a ‘place of safety’, even if you help only one child at a time; to that child it means the world. This is where all the planning and dreams began to start Lesea Sebaka ‘place of safety’. We will now be helping and caring for lots of abandoned, abused and neglected children at a time.
And this is only the tip of the iceberg……….
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