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This fund is to get Tom Brady, his wife and daughter to Jefferson Headache Center in Philadelphia, PA from Colorado.

My loving husband Tom Brady has had quite a run medically for the last couple years, and it has now spiked. In 2008 he had spontaneous cerebral vertebral arterial dissection of the left side, and he was hospitalized for a week. This is the artery that runs up the neck into the head. Leading up to this he had a very bad headache for a month and ended up with stroke like symptoms: body going numb, blurred vision and ended up passing out, which is when we went to the hospital. After being on blood thinners he seemed to heal, although he ended up with Tinnitus which is constant ringing in the ears. He still lives with the Tinnitus every day. In 2010 the same thing happened but on the right side, and he was hospitalized again. Once again he did not need surgery and he healed over time. Doctors have been both shocked and stunned at his situation as arteries spontaneously dissecting are rare, so having two in a lifetime is very rare. They are also shocked that he has recovered as most individuals that this happens to are not as lucky as my husband. We have tried to move on and have him live a cautious life as he has to be careful of impacting his arteries because the most they can come up with is he has weak arteries that could burst with an impact. Since then he has had massive headaches and been hospitalized multiple times to no avail what is causing them. In November he got another headache and previous symptoms. His CAT scans and MRI’s have all looked good, but he has been hospitalized multiple times as well as a few ER visits. Luckily at this point he has not had any more dissections. However, they cannot get a handle on his pain. His migraine is still lingering since November, and even while hospitalized for a week and very drugged his pain persisted. While at the hospital the last time in March they took his case to a board of Neurologists and others and no one was able to come up with anything. Unfortunately, he is going downhill and other symptoms have arisen. The scariest is his body seems to be deteriorating. Just over a month ago he told me his body was hurting from his bones out. He is in so much pain and so weak that he must walk with a cane now, and he cannot do many normal daily activities. We have a beautiful four month old daughter, and at times he cannot hold her while standing as he is too weak. The last time we met with his neurologist he let us know that Tom is out of his scope and he cannot help him. The neurologist informed us they have done a plethora of testing and they don’t know where to go from here; whatever he has is rare. He stated we need to go to a national center for treatment. Luckily there was one option in Philadelphia, PA which is the Jefferson Head Center. They only take 400 patients a year, and after reviewing Tom’s case they would like him to be one of them. I am happy to be able to travel there as we will be surrounded by friends and family. In the interim we are waiting to see a rheumatologist for them to do their testing. Ironically I now sit in a hospital room again with him and Jasmine as he was admitted yesterday and is waiting on a colonoscopy because he has some bleeding. Tom is my life-my husband, my best friend, my confidant, my everything and I cannot think of losing him. He is a wonderful dad to Tommy Jr. his nine year old son from his previous marriage and Jasmine Ann, our little girl. I need to get him where he needs to be to insure he gets to live a long wonderful life with all of us-The Brady’s. Unfortunately, the trip to Philadelphia is going to be quite expensive and we do not have the funds to go. I would be absolutely devastated if Jasmine and I were not able to accompany him for the trip. I have done a lot of research trying to find fundraisers I could do, but unfortunately to no avail since we are not a nonprofit organization. While searching I found this website and am so excited to be able to reach out to friends and family. I know times are tight but please if you are able to donate anything we would be forever grateful. We need to pay for the trip out as we live in Lakewood, Co a suburb of Denver CO so we will have gas, food and hotel. There is an upfront cost the hospital requires, as well as housing for Jasmine and I while there. They do not provide housing for family members and the average stay is two weeks, however, there is no way to know how long we will be there until we get there. They do work with a hotel but the discounted rate is $143.00 a night. I am still trying to fundraise on my end but I am also running out of time as he is to be there July 25th. While gone we will both be without pay as he just started a new job so does not have PTO, and mine was taken for my maternity leave. Again I know times are rough for everyone but please help if you can, and pass this site to all you know. We will also take your prayers. Please help me get my husband to Jefferson, and allow me to be by his side. We gratefully and eternally thank you all!

If we go over our goal all funds will go toward Tom's $20,000.00 incurred medical costs and related expenses not covered by insurance.

If you would prefer to mail a check, you may do so in Tom's name and send to: Faith Brady, 652 S. Carr St., Lakewood, CO 80226
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