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The family of Brodie the BostonTerrier is asking for help with mounting medical bills. All funds to be used for hospital and surgery bills.

Brodie is a sweet, energetic Boston Terrier who has recently befallen an acute gastro-intestinal condition. His vet bills are piling up by the hour and no one seems to know what the problem is. The twist: The addition of a 10 day old newborn baby girl to the family. Between care for the baby, calls from the veterinary hospital and the stress of mounting bills for both child and dog; the new parents are feeling more and more helpless. if you can, please help. It would be a shame to mar the joy of the new baby girl with the loss of their loving dog.


****Update 8/6/2012: Brodie is home finally!!


The story so far: Brodie began throwing up Wednesday afternoon but bostons are kind of pukey dogs so we didnt think much about it. That evening, his puking escalated drasticly. He would drink cause he was thirsty, turn around and throw it all back up. The vet was called and an appointment was set. It was once he started puking up what looked like flat coke and smelled like sewage that panic set in. He was taken to the vet but by this point he was super dehydrated. His usually stretchy loose skin was tight, stiff and greasy. His nail beds started turning black and his skin greyed out and cold to the touch. He was put on an IV to get some fluids in him and given a heating blanket but the puking continued. He was monitored over night and was coming back around but was still very weak and pukey (still the stinky brown bile). The vet told us he was "inches from shock" and that he was "essentially brought back from the brink of death"... you know, the kind of thing every parent/dog owner likes to hear. He was tested for Addisons disease thinking that stress brought on by the change in the household, from the arrival of the newborn, could have sparked an "adisonian episode". Tests came back negative. He was transfered to a Veterinary hospital. After cardiology tests (he has a pre existing heart murmur) and surgery, they still arent sure what is wrong with him. The blockage they were expecting to find didnt exist (but his Gi system is definately aggrivated) and biopsies were taken. They have several theories but nothing conclusive. And so this is where we are now... sitting by the phone waiting for more information quietly stressed and saddened while attempting to keep the house positive and peaceful for our new baby daughters sake.

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