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Trying to start a organization for stoping abuse and abuse awarness

Hi my name is Ashley I am trying to start a organization to give awarness of abuse. I would like to educate school aged childern teens and adults about abuse. I would like to use my personal experiances to educate. I was in a abuse relationship for for five year. I was phsically, mentialy, emotional and sexualy assulted by my husband at the time. I was scared for my life. I was told is was going to die, i was worthless , a whore, and many other things, I was punched, slaped, choked , forced to have sex and many other things, i am now divorced from this man ive been through councling and many hours of tears. I am happy now. I want to start this organization to tell victims that they are ways out and in the long run your better off. You maybe scared to do anything about it but its life or death. I need financial assistance to help with supplies for material like pamplets, awarness materials, i would like to organize a walk to stop abuse, travel expences so i can get to diffrent venues and schools to talk about my experiences. I am also wanting to make a scholorship fund that is the Stop Abuse fund that would go to a highschool student that lost a loved one to abuse. I know this is alot  to ask for help but i need to spread the word. The help would be expeciated. If nothing is given i will still get the word out in any way. Abuse must be stoped. To end here is a poem i found on the internet that is my past life to the tee,

he tells me not to look that way
he tells me not to dress that way
he tells me not to talk that way
...he tells me not to act that way

he smacks me
he tells me I better shut up or else
he tells me I am worthless
he tells me my no’s are meaningless
he doesn’t care that I don’t want to or that I am crying

he tells me he loves me
he tells me I am his and I will always be, that he owns me
he tells me no one will ever love me like he does

he tells me I am stupid
he tells me I am a hoe
he tells me he will kill me

he sucks the life out of me

I finally had enough
I could not continue to live this way
I realized these were all lies
I decided this behavior was unacceptable
I finally got out

I was young
I didn’t know any better
I kept it to myself
I was ashamed
I lived in fear

I refuse to be controlled
I refuse be abused
I refuse to end up dead

I deserve to be safe
I deserve respect
I deserve to be loved
I deserve to be happy
I deserve to be free to be me
I deserve to be treated well

I am worth it!


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