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The family and friends of Lisa Gooch are uniting together to raise money to help with her medical expenses not covered by insurance.

What would you do, if one night you went to bed, as you would any other night, pj's on, teeth brushed, read a few pages of "50 Shades of Gray"...when suddenly you woke up to use the restroom, wiped yourself as usually, and come to find your uterus decided to escape, and take leave out of your (what better place) vagina?! Yes, terrifying thought for most right? Yet this is exactly (well, not the book part) what happened to my dear friend's mother a few weeks ago.

As horrific and dreadful as this may sound, I come to find it is a fairly common condition and can be treated successfully in a number of ways. You can find out more by goggling Uterine Prolapse, the medical name of this womb-breakout, so to speak. The treatments are bearable and in most cases, you’re back to your normal self (as normal as you can be after that experience) in about a week to 10 days; depending on which treatment method suits the situation at hand.

Now back to my dear friend’s mother, her case is not so cut and dry. Unfortunately, that was just the beginning of a list of issues brought to light by this alarming situation. It turns out, a large cyst has been pressing on her uterus causing it to jump ship; there are lumps in her breast and lumps in her lymph nodes.
SO now this case has escalated to something far more serious, and worrisome to say the least. Only to add to the stress, (Lisa) was cut from medical insurance just over a year ago. While at the hospital, she was prepped and ready for what was being called an “emergency surgery” to remove her uterus; yet when the surgeon discovered she had no medical insurance, she was then considered in “stable” and sent home, no surgery.

Now her family is doing all they can to pull together funds. Her daughter managed to find basic health insurance (which wasn’t cheap and it only covers a fraction of the cost, and by that I mean only $80 per doctor visit, no medications) so for now she can be seen by health professionals and start the care she needs. Lisa has been scheduled for two surgeries thus far. The first is to remove the sizable cyst and have it biopsied. The second will be to remove her entire uterus. A comparison of past and present mammograms is being reviewed for more information on the lump found in the breasts.

Another issue, I failed to mention earlier, is that Lisa is severely anemic. While she was in the hospital, she was given three blood transfusions in order to prepare her for the “emergency surgery” she did not receive, and is still in desperate need of.

Lisa Gooch is 49 years young, has 2 children, 4 grandchildren and is facing serious medical issues. I have only made light of this for the readers benefit and it is not intended to make light of the potentially life threatening condition Lisa is facing.
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