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Hi, I'm David. I came on this site to see if anyone could help me. I unfortunately got esophagus cancer last year and went through all the chemo, radiation, and surgery, and then more chemo and was on my way to recovering when they accidentally found I now have a very aggressive metastasized liver cancer to start a battle with. With all this said I am on here trying to raise money because I am 51 yrs. old and I was in no way prepared for my life to be shortened this much. Feb. 2011 I just received a loan to build a garage shop on our 1100 sq. ft. frame house. and by the end of March 2011 the garage/shop was built but I had to finish it. I've always said all my life I need a shop so I could invent something "what exactly" I don't know but if I had a shop I would invent something. Well April 2011 I was having some problems eating and went to the Doc and found I have a tumor growing in the bottom of my throat and it was found to be cancerous . Well from that day forward it's been a battle. The shop was never finished as I had to do a lot of the finished work like all the painting and calking outside and everything on the inside. I've become way too week to do any of this work now and as of this month April 2012 none of that work is finished, but this is not why I am asking for some help. I am asking for help because I am just not set up financially to be dying. I feel so bad for my wife and our best little buddy a Yorkie dog who's name is Roger (he knows something is really wrong and he shows the tears when I talk to him) because I'm leaving them in such a mess. I was not seeing this coming at all. It doesn't even run in any of my family. So I never even thought it may come my way. My financial situation is a real mess now because of this loan but I didn't have other things in order yet either. I just wasn't prepared to be dying at such a young age in my lower 50's. The liver cancer, well I started the chemo to fight it but because of the type cancer I may get 2 more years and thats pushing it. So I have to move fast to try to get things in order for my wife and our little buddy so they don't have to worry about where they will live or where will their next meal come from. This amount I have asked for won't be enough for everything but I'm selling everything we have they don't need right now and maybe that amount will be enough to keep them in our home and help pay for the vehicle that won't be paid for. I feel so bad that this happened and caught me off guard on my finances. It really makes me feel like a failure because things aren't right. You know not only my dreams of retirement working on things and trying to invent something in my shop have been completely taken away from me but the dreams me and my wife had with our little buddy going camping when I retired and sitting on the porch and watching the birds all day are all gone. All the things we talked about doing and we were trying to get things set up in our lives for the day I could retire. We knew we wouldn't have very much income to live off of but we still had our dreams. The walk around the property path with places to sit and watch the birds is all gone I can't lift a stone now if I wanted to besides the fact we don't have the finances to do anything. Prior to April 2011 I owed no doctors ,hospitals any money for anything. Now I'm so embarrassed to say I owe a lot of people money and I can't see any way to ever pay them for their services a hundred percent and they are trying really hard to save me and that makes me feel really sad. All through this trauma me and my family are going through I have kept my job and I still go to work I am so grateful for my job working with me on all the time I have been off. I have to go to work or within a month or so we would lose everything. Our house which isn't much and needs so much work done to it is behind on payments already. Our vehicle which we had recently traded in to get a better vehicle so we could make the drives to the hospitals in other towns. And that makes me feel so bad too so I have to continue to work until I just can't anymore. I feel so bad everyday even at work but I hide my feelings and show up ready for the day. If I am in pain as I usually am I wait it out until I get off work to take any pain relievers. I've lost 104 pounds and I am still losing. I weigh 142 pounds now at 6 foot tall. My stomach has never come back since they removed the top half of it and 3/4's of my esophagus then they took a piece of my intestines and put in the place of those. it's just all caved in like I am starving and that is pretty much the way it feels. On top of all that I can't eat any pork products or dairy products or anything that has very much sugar in it. The pork and diary products make my throat swell up and the sugar thing makes my stomach burn real bad. Beef products are pretty hard on my stomach so I try not to eat them either. So all that limits my food intake to a much narrower choice. Oh and I can't eat much of anything that may makes me gaseous because that hurts my intestines real bad.
Well anyway back to why I am here today. I am pleading to America for help any help at all is always a blessing. If you ever have a chance to pay up you should try it and see how it makes you feel knowing you helped someone in need. I know I have helped all kinds of places and people with money that were in need and I always felt really good doing it. I always made donations to all the charity centers and always my local charity places around my neighborhood. I did and still do a lot of charity work for a community I don't even live in, lol, But I feel really good doing it and as long as I can walk I will continue to help them. I came from a pretty poor family, my Grand father was a shoe maker on my Dads side and he just got by in life and my Dad had to quit school in the 6th grade to go to work to help the family pay the bills. So his education was cut short and that held back his pay for a long time. My parents lives were cut short at the young age of 65 and 67. They never had much but they got by. I am still paying on my Dads funeral services from 2005 because no one in the family can help with it. I've almost got it paid off though. That happened because he went into the hospital and all his bills went haywire and he lost most of his life insurance that my Mom had set up for him.
All I ask is if you can spare a dollar that would make me know that there is other people out there that have feelings for people in need. When I signed up for the relay for life program at my job little did I know that I ended up being the one the walk was for instead of me walking for someone else. Please donate if you can and if you just can't I totally understand I know how it is. PLEASE help me help my wife and our little buddy Roger.
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