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This is a fund for Nicky to receive chemo. The funds will be used for Nicky to pay his existing and on going chemo treatments! God Bless!

In October of 2005 my wife of 29 years and I got divorced, since then my whole life has been a roller ride of ups and downs.
My son and daughter don't really have much to do with me at all not like when their mother and I where together anyway for one reason or another, I'm just an embarrassment to them.
In January of 2006 and after the house we had sold I found a home to move into and get out of the apartment that I was in,
this took place on the 13th of January, in that same week I meet a very nice woman through work and started dating her.
We hit it off from the start, man for the first time in a very long time I was really happy, I mean really, really happy.
I felt that my life was turning around and heading in the right direction.
I was not able to move into that home for 6 months because of an issue with the builder and the City, in the mean time, we got engaged and were to be married that July, we were going to use the new home as an investment and rent it out.
Then shortly after moving in to the new home (which I had to do) the rug was pulled out from under me again, my girlfriend asked if we could postpone the getting married a week before the wedding date.
She said that she was just not ready to get married yet, saying that I was too nice and easygoing for her, her first two husbands were very abusive both physical and mentally and she could not handle being with someone like me.
That just about done me in I guess I am meant to be alone!
Shortly thereafter I lost my home do to the downward turn of the housing market, the home listed for $ 272, 000.00 and I got it for $232,000.00, when I went to refinance it the appraise came back at $178,000.00, I wouldn't be able to ever get my money out of it, so I had to walk away from it and file bankruptcy.
I stayed with a friend of mine for a couple of months. Then, I moved in with my son and daughter-in-law but was asked to leave 4 Weeks later when they found out that they were going to have a baby. That was in September, then, my sister and brother in law let me move in with them and I was there for almost 3 years sleeping on the couch in the family room.
My cousin and his wife asked me to find a home that they could buy and have me rent back from them here in Arizona, they live in Chicago, after about 3 months of looking at about 90 homes we found the one that I'm now living in.
Again I thought that my life was turning around only to find out that more trouble was just around the corner, 60 days after moving into this home I lost my Job, of 25 years, the company that I worked for and has been in the valley for over 70 years was in bankruptcy, they could not open or remodel any stores for 10 years, since that was what my job was setting up new stores and remodeling old ones they did not need me anymore, over half of our department and 90 other people including the senior VP where let go on Friday October 9th, 2009.
For the next 3 years I looked for work and was unable to find a job, I went through what was left of my 401 in a very short time, and was living on $960.00 a month of unemployment and $72.00 a month of food stamps, (I was only getting $15.00 a month in food stamps in the beginning), I made $25.00 too much a month on unemployment to get access so I had no medical insurance since I lost my Job, none at all.
During this time I started getting sick, having trouble swallowing food, I also started loosing weight, but thought that it was
from not eating due to the number of life’s stress’.
I applied for disability and got it the same month that my unemployment ran out, Thank God for that it could have not come at a better time.
I was at a time where I didn't know if I could stay at this house anymore, I had already lost my truck and was without wheels for two years having to ask for rides or use a friend’s car to go to the store.
I went from 310 lbs to 209 lbs over a course of 3 years, but I was still having trouble swallowing food, went to my Dr. and he wanted me to get an x- ray done, that was $200.00 that I did not have, so I put it off for over a year, once I did get it done they found a mass in my Esophagus, he then wanted me to get it scoped but that cost was well over $1000.00 plus $200.00 just to talk to the Dr. before hand. I put that off for about a year, my Dr. made me an appointment to force me to get it done, and I'm glad that I did, they found that I have Esophagus Cancer and it's in Stage 3.
Thank God all the other tests that they have put me through showed that it has not spread anywhere else in my body, but I need to start Chemo Treatments, ASAP, with no insurance no Dr. will do it.
So as you can see I need help with the Chemo and the $20,000.00 of Dr and Hospital bills that I have now! Jobless, insurance less, and powerless on disability, I would have never believed this could happen to a hard working man of all these years! The one thing that I have going for me is my faith in God, and with his help and the support of my friends I will! God knows that I have exhausted all other options and being by myself with no other way around this I am powerless! I am in a position that God wants me to ask for his help and he will guide me through this difficult time! God Bless!
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