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The family and friends of Angelique Boston are uniting to raise money to help with her battle against SCID. Please show your support

Angelique Nicole Boston was born October 9th, 2001. She was a beautiful and happy baby. She wasn't one to keep you up all night crying. She was a pleasant baby that that was always a joy to be around. As her father I know. She always seem to be happy. Even when she first developed symptoms that something wasn't quite right on the inside.

By the time Angelique was the age of six months old she seemed to be getting sick to the point that doctors decided it was time for her to be seen by the specialists at CHOP ( Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia) in Pennsylvania . Which at that time was the state where we resided. She was not specifically diagnosed with anything particular, though they believed she may be showing early signs of asthma. So already at such a young she was put on a regiment of asthma medication and sent on her way with no other test completed.

Angelique has never shown signs of the torture that was going on inside. She live a normal childhood and was enrolled in ballet at a young age. She thrived in ballet, she was great at being taught and showed great discipline throughout her years in ballet . As time progressed the symptoms of her illness started surfacing more frequently. More trips to doctors and specialists were required. She seemed to always be coming down with a cold, sinus infection, and just about every bronchial infection that you could dream up. She seemed to always be at the doctors. Especially during the school year. Every trip to the doctor only resulted in a new round of antibiotics. Tubes in her ears ( requested by her ENT) was supposed to be another solution to her problems. Doctor after doctor took a look at her and still no solution to her problems. Obviously as her parents we did not understand why all these doctor visits and no one ever seemed to get any closer to the problem.

It was frustrating to watch as Angelique started having trouble preforming everyday task. You feel truly powerless. There was many times that I wondered if there was a bigger underlying problem. I never really knew what questions to ask. Or who to even turned too. Angelique's mother was the one dragging this little girl all over the place from doctor to doctor just to be handed another antibiotic. By the time Angel was the age of eight years of age she was finally being seen by a pulminologist. This is also about the time of her first hospitalization. It is sad to say, I was relieved. Finally we are going to get some resolutions the ease this little girls pain. She was admitted to the hospital due to a low oxygen saturation level. They monitored her for a couple days and once again we were sent back into the world with no answers. Though by this time I was certain there was a bigger problem.

Angelique is now (at this time during the story) around the age of 9 -10. She has a little sister that she would do anything for. She does anything to keep her happy, even if it is to sacrifice herself through the process. She's empathetic towards others. I always looked at her as a rock. She has shown such strength and poise for her age. She is so strong in spirit. Still through all her pain on the inside she presented herself as a perfectly content child on the outside. Even her doctors spoke of how she is the scariest type of patient to have due to her exterior demeanor. What it really was, was that she had become accustomed to the sicknesses that plagued her. It was really only the worst of worst days for her that you could tell by looking at her she was struggling. You look back at all the signs and you feel like everything you did wasn't good enough. If I was only more aggresive with the doctors. If I had only paid attention to all the signs. I have trouble differentiating the time period in which things unravelled and brought us to where we are today. I do know it was a little more than a year ago (Angel was about 10) when things got really bad. Angel had to give up on the things that she love to do. She no longer could run around and play with her friends, she was no longer able to make it to ballet, she couldn't even make it the bus stop in the morning. She spoke of talking to the angels when she slept. It was a scary time. Her weight was dropping and normal day to day tasks became painfully difficult for her. It chokes me up to think about how bad it had become.

By Feb of 2012 my daughter was once again admitted to the hospital and this time the doctors finally realized through a battery of test that Angel was very sick and this whole time through all that she went through she was actually suffering from an immune deficiency. This immune deficiency that she suffers from is called in the medical world, SCID (Severe Combined ImmunoDeficiency). If this disease goes undiagnosed at young age it generaly takes the life of a child by the age of two. We already feel blessed that that she was given the opportunity to live 9 years past life expectancy. Though due to the late diagnosis this disease has taken a toll on Angelique. Now that she has suffered all the infections to the lungs and and sinuses, her lungs are only functioning at 18% of their normal capacity. This has halted the treatment for SCID which is a bone marrow transplant for fear of the procedure taking Angel's life. We have come to find out that my daughter, Angel is first in need of a bilateral lung transplant. This procedure will take us from the All Childrens Hospital of St. Petersburg (Florida) to The Childrens Hospital of Pittsburgh. The procedure will be the third or fourth case reported in the United States if she is found to be eligible for the a combination of a bone marrow and lung transplant. Your prayer's and donations would go far to help Angel through this process. We thank you for any consideration and donations made in advance. Have a blessed day! From the Boston Family and friends! You can view the jouney at thank again!

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