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The family and friends of Tammy Smith Price are uniting to raise money to help with her battle against Leukemia.

First we would like to thank everyone for the amazing support and concern that you have given to Tammy and her family. This support continues to give Tammy the strength to continue to fight for her life.

In February of this year Tammy went to see her doctor as a result of severe stomach pains. After several test she was told she had Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML).
Tammy is 43 years old. She has gone thru a series of treatments at VCU Massey Cancer Center in Richmond, VA where she lives. The cancer had gone into remission and reoccurred on at least 2 occasions during her first three months of a series of chemo treatments. She has endured excruciating pain in her abdomen after each treatment as the chemo would irritate her intestines and create sores that would form on the inner walls. The loss of hair etc did not bother Tammy as she is not a vain person. All her friends, family, and co-workers all thought she looked cute with her little bald head. Tammy has lost weight and muscle mass but continued to be tough even though here vitals would go down severely. She has been re-admitted to the hospital even during her outpatient stage of the treatment. Unfortunately after completing the three months of chemo treatment the cancer came back within a week and she had to start a more extreme series of chemo treatments at the Cancer Center. She mustered together the strength once again to begin the painstaking process. This time the Cancer Center starts screening relatives for a bone marrow match since there is no match in their bone marrow banks. If they can find a match and get her into remission she has a chance of beating this disease.

Unfortunately, to date a match has not been found and her cancer did not go into remission. The Doctor met with her and her husband at the end of this series of treatments and told them that there was nothing else they could do. They did offer to let her try an experimental procedure.
Family and friends have gathered lots of information of other procedures at other conventional medical facilities as well as non-conventional treatments that show a positive feedback, but are not honored by insurance companies. She considered her options and decided to try the experimental procedure at VCU Massey Cancer Center since it was a familiar place, close to home, and the insurance company would cover a portion of the cost, therefore, she could start treatment right away.

During this process Tammy has persuaded several businesses and organizations, including her employer of 18 years, Costco, and her husband’s employer Northside/Truland Electic Company, to support a Bone Marrow Drive for the National Marrow Donor Program. By doing so she hopes to help other Leukemia patients who are searching for their match to help them survive.

On October 19th, Costco employees and Richmond, Virginia’s Channel 12 News Station honored Tammy with the “Act of Kindness” award.
She accepted the honor with humility and cried as her superiors and co-workers hugged her. Channel 12 awarded her with a check for $300 as part of their “Act of Kindness” Award and the Costco employees pooled together to present Tammy with a donation to help with the bills. She was so weak after this event that she had to be admitted into the hospital to have a blood transfusion since her platelet’s were so low. You can see this interview at Tuesday, October 23rd at 5:00 p.m. on NBC in Virginia or online at

She is determined to be able to attend the Bone Marrow Drives scheduled in Richmond if at all possible. Follow this link for locations and information on these drives:

Tammy is a kind and giving person. She is more worried about her families feelings and financial burden than herself. She has worked two jobs for most of her life. She enjoys people and loves her dogs. Tammy would never hesitate to help others. It is unfortunate that in addition to the stress and pain of going through one treatment after another, she has to worry about how she is going to pay the enormous amount of medical bills that have accumulated even with health insurance and living expenses while on a reduced income.

If this treatment does not work, her only option would be the unconventional treatment such as one of the doctors in Suzanne Somers book, “Knockout” , Dr. Forsythe in Reno, NV which cost $25,000 (up front cost not covered by insurance company) plus hotel and airfare. Cost for a family member to take off work for a month to help her get to treatment every day and prepare the nutritional required meals that are part of the program.

So please help Tammy fight for her life! This Amazing Support System will help give Tammy and her family the ability to focus solely on getting well so she can continue to be an advocate for others with this terrible disease.

If you are not comfortable in donating on line, please feel free to send a check directly to Tammy: Tammy Price, 2960 Three Chopt Rd, Gum Springs, VA 23065.

Once again, thank you all for your support and please keep Tammy and her Family in your prayers.
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