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The students of Moore schools or teaming up to provide support to the children in South America!

This year we are partnering with Compassion International to provide water filters for families in El Salvador. These filters allow families who do not have access to clean water to filter the bacteria and disease causing organisms out of their drinking water. The total cost of the filter, deployment, and education is $79 and typically supplies clean water to the family and their friends and neighbors who otherwise would not have clean water. And best of all, the filter lasts literally 40 years.

The main problems caused by lack of clean water are water borne diseases, diarrhea, and intestinal parasites. Problems derived from lack of hygiene include: fungal dermatosis, scabies, and body and hair lice. Chronic diarrhea will lead to under-nutrition and stunting of growth as well as absenteeism from school and Compassion activities.

The situation in El Salvador is alarming. According to government statistics, 27 percent of Salvadoran households lack piped water connections inside or outside their homes. Water samples taken from the randomly selected homes of 30 Compassion children in El Salvador revealed that a shocking 83 percent of samples tested positive for E. coli bacteria, one of the most obvious indication of the presence of fecal matter in the water.

Consuming such water causes various illnesses to which young children are especially susceptible, with diarrhea and intestinal parasites being the most common. While purified water is available in local stores at a cost of U.S. $2.20 per 5-gallon jug, the poorest families in El Salvador live on less than a dollar a day, making the purchase of purified water an unaffordable luxury.

Our goal is to provide at least 1,000 Sawyer PointONE water filters to families in 30 child development centers. In addition to the Compassion-assisted children, the filters will directly benefit approximately 2,000 siblings and 1,000 parents and caregivers. Indirectly, the number of people benefiting from this effort is likely to increase significantly as indicated by Compassion's experience with similar interventions where many of the households shared clean water with their neighbors. A properly maintained Sawyer PointONE filter can cover the hydration needs of 68 people for a lifetime!

The system is comprised of two plastic containers with lids, with an in-line filter that connects the two containers. Untreated water is poured into the first container, which is placed at a higher level than the second container. Gravity forces the water out of the first container and through the filter. The PointONE filter has a 0.1 micron absolute pore size, small enough to remove all bacteria and protozoa such as giardia, cryptosporidium, cholera and typhoid. After passing through the filter, water is collected in the second container where is is hygienically stored until needed.
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