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The family and friends of Lucas McCormick are uniting to raise money to help him recieve a lifesaving kidney transplant. Please Support Him!

Lucas McCormick is 17 years old and is a senior in high school. Lucas was born with kidneys that did not function correctly. In 1997 when he was three years old, his kidneys failed and he had to have lifesaving surgery. Luckily his mother was a match and she ended up donating a kidney to him and saved his life. He was on many medications to keep his body from rejecting the kidney and it has lasted in his body for 14 years. However; in the middle of the year 2010, his transplanted kidney began to fail. He is in desperate need of another transplant because his current one is no longer able to function. Currently, Lucas is on dialysis for 5 hours, 3 times a week. His condition is stable but will not remain so for long. If he doesn't receive a kidney soon, he will progressively get worse and eventually his sickness may end in death. His body is tired.
I have known Lucas for a few years and we began dating our freshman year of high school. He is one of the sweetest people I ever met. He was a boy scout, having to quit before his eagle project because of his illness. He is interested in doing plays and becoming an actor or teacher one day. He wants to go to college. He has so much life left in him. He has so many great things to achieve in the future. He is an absolutely wonderful person whom I would not be able to live without. For every challenge that arises he pushes past it and has no fear. To live with that much faith is so inspiring. I could never be as brave or bold as him and still have time to laugh at jokes or point out the small things life that most people never notice. Please pray for his family and God Bless everyone who has to go through rough periods like these.
This fund is to help pay for his surgery and to help pay for expenses surrounding his transplant such as; care afterwards, gas money to commute from the hospital to home and vise verse, to buy food, to pay for medications, and to pay for bills while they are away from home for the 3 week recovery period. Any amount will help.
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