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This is all for Gubert. Surgeries, chemo, medicine, food. All for him. Anything that you say or do or donate to help out Gubert I appreciate

My little brother, though not really little anymore, kid is already 5'9", just got diagnosed with cancer. I know that it will be hard on us, his family, but especially hard on him. We're not rich at all and we cant really afford medical insurance. We're waiting on Medicaid to respond back, but we've been told he doesn't actually qualify. I'm not really asking for money and my poor mom would never ask for help, but being the big sister that I am, I want to make sure that somehow, someway, anyway, we can get the help he needs. Friends are always telling us to "let them know if we need anything", well, anything from a visit to the hospital to a facebook post, to 5 bucks is tremendous help at a time like this. My grandfather in Colombia recently got diagnosed with cancer as well, but all my mother can do from her in Miami, USA, is to send him a couple of dollars a month and now adding the even bigger load of not being able to work because she has to be in the hospital everyday to watch over my little brother, has been difficult and will only get worse, though we're hoping it doesn't.
Gudvert, or Gubert (which is what everyone calls him) is at the moment, 17 years old, he turns 18 on July, 7th 2011. He has always been a waaaay to active kid. He couldn't stand staying in school because he wanted to work,,,work hard to help out my mom and to have a cool cellphone and buy his own car. Little by little, he accomplished those things. He loves music and going to raves. (He was looking forward to attending this years Ultra Music Festival here in Miami, but he won't be able to attend anymore, making him even more sad). He had been feeling bad for the past two months but still found energy to go to work and hang out with friends and party, but as of right now, he's laying in bed, at Miami Children's Hospital awaiting procedures and treatments and surgeries. All I want is for him to, sooner than later, be back how he was before. I'd do anything for my family and I will not stop, ever, until he is back on his feet raving and being that non-stop kid he's always been. So if you want and can help, in anyway at all, let me know. I swear that, even if it's just a "get well" card or a "Hey Gubert, wats up?" greeting, everything will be much appreciated. You can contact me directly to
Thank you very much.

I love you little bro.

Your big sis,

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