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Friends of Sara are uniting to raise money to help Sara pay for myofascial release intensive treatments that insurance won't cover.

Sara has lived on a complicated medical roller coaster for 9 years. It all started in 2004.  Sara was working as a wilderness guide and with at risk and troubled youth when she started having challenges with breathing. This progressed to reoccurring pneumonias, chest pain, shortness of breath tachycardia. In 2005, she was diagnosed with a rib cage bony abnormality that she was probably born with, but was now putting too pressure on her heart and lungs to function. Her symptoms progressed and she eventually had to stop working due to inability to get enough Oxygen to her body. Her sternum was tipped up on its side and bone/cartilage had buckled inward inside chest cavity causing compression to her thoracic internal organs including heart and lungs. Reconstructive surgery was her only choice ot save her heart an dlungs.Surgery involved cutting out sternum, repositioning sternum, wiring her ribs back into her sternum bone, placing stabilizing bar across chess. Complications arose during her 6 hour surgery. After her surgeon saw extent of bone defect, they were mystified as to how Sara's body survived up to that point. 5 days after surgery her lung collapsed due to accidental surgical puncture. Air and blood filled her chest cavity. Chest tubes were placed to release pressure/re-inflate lungs. It took 20 days for lungs to stabilize enough to go home, but Sara was unable to return to work. The bar in chest caused pain with every breath. In 2007 she had the stabilizing bar removed. Her lung capacity increased from 57% (pre-surgery) to 98%! So Sara was able to return to work and school. She completed her BA in psychology/anthropology. In 2009, her stomach began to shut down and she began having vomiting, pain, nausea and poor ability to digest food. She began to lose energy. In 2010 a virus settled into her airway and Sara lost the ability to swallow. She suffered several bouts with aspirating pneumonia and her prolonged hospitalizations and illnesses caused her to stop working again. She scheduled surgery for a nasal tube placement as she was not able to eat.  Sara had a nasal feeding tube placed for nutrition and hydration, but continued to have problems with gagging and choking and the tube blocked her airway-another hospitalization (for one month) and a different tube was placed in her small intestines for full nutrition. At this point Sara was sent home after one month and doctors were not sure if there was anything that could be done to help her. Her survival was uncertain because she couldn't eat or metabolize enough nutrients to sustain life. Surprisingly, Sara began to slowly eat again and gained strength, but she still needed her feeding tube for liquids because she was unable to swallow liquids safely. She was, however, able to concentrate her efforts on gaining strength to returning to a normal life. During this time, Sara discovered myofascial release therapy which works on healing and mobilizing the extensive amount of scar tissue in her body, in hopes of returning her organ function. Sara's internal body is full of scar tissue that is so thick it is affecting the function of her digestive system. Myofascial release has opened the door to healing with the primary focus being mobilizing scar tissue and freeing up the connective tissue in her body to allow healing and to be able to swallow and eat again. Through mfr, Sara started beginning to truly heal her body. She was able to eat blenderized foods. Then, in April of 2013, another virus settled in her airway again. She is currently back on 24/7 feeding tube. Along her journey she has developed immune deficiency and discovered she has damage to her vagal nerve (controlling swallowing and stomach motility) that began following original thoracic surgery. The more inflammation, the more scar tissue, but Sara continues to have hope that her body can heal with mfr treatments.  She has the opportunity to get intensive mfr treatments from the experts in Sedona, Arizona.  But is not able to afford it.  The dates of this intensive are June 19-June 28th, 2013.   If you have the ability to send money to help her pay for mfr treatments which cost $150.00 per session and/or her cost of living for a 10 day intensive program, Sara and her friends will be forever grateful. With a combined effort, Sara can heal and return to her life's work dedicated to troubled, at-risk youth and restore her excitement and vitality towards exploring the mountains and our beautiful earth.

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