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Jake is an amazing boy who has endured more then any one person should! We are trying to raise funds to help his family cover medical bills

Jake was born on September 14, 2001 – a healthy baby weighing in at 8lbs 5oz. When Jake was almost one, he was diagnosed with Neurofibromatosis type I or NF I which is a genetic disorder that causes random tumors. Approximately 15% of those affected with NF I get brain tumors, and Jake falls into that category. Although these tumors are benign, as they grow they can affect vital parts of the brain or body and the only way to prevent serious damage is to do chemotherapy or surgery.
Today, Jake is 9 years old and has already endured 3 brutal rounds of chemotherapy. Although chemo has been effective over the years to shrink his brain tumors, one of the irreversible effects has been the fact that Jake has lost most vision in his right eye.
In January of 2010 Jake had started his latest round of chemo because new tumor was causing the ventricles in his brain to swell thus causing increased fluid pressure which can cause severe headaches and other complications. However, by September the doctors had determined that chemotherapy was not working and Jake had a very invasive brain surgery on November 2 to place a shunt in the ventricle to help drain the excess fluid into his stomach.
After his surgery Jake seemed to recover well and was able to return to school. Unfortunately, by the end of November complications had developed. Jake started developing severe pain in his abdomen and shoulder and it took doctors a long time and a lot of invasive tests to determine what the problem was. On December 20th Jake was admitted to the ER with high fever and vomiting. After more tests and a surgery to remove the drain from his stomach, doctors finally determined that the problem was caused by a bacterial infection as a result of his original surgery. So the day before Christmas they performed yet another brain surgery to remove the shunt.
Jake is spending this Christmas and New Year’s holidays in the hospital. He has to stay there as he undergoes an aggressive antibiotic treatment and still has one more surgery ahead of him to place a new shunt once the bacterial infection is cleared up.
As you can imagine, this has been a very difficult time for his family. Jake’s battle with NF I has put an enormous emotional and financial strain on his family. Their friends and relatives have provided emotional support, however they do need help covering the enormous medical and other associated costs which have accumulated.
The reason for this fundraiser is to help alleviate some the financial burden placed on Jake’s family. We ask you to please contribute however much you can and to forward Jake’s story to as many people as you know. The more people learn about Jake’s fight, the faster we can reach our goal of raising $15,000 to help his family.
Thank you for your help and please keep Jake and his family in your thoughts and prayers as they continue their battle with NF I.
You can read his mother's updates on his progress at

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