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We are raising money to pay for special therapy for our son. Your investment in Jacob and his future means so much to us!

Have you ever needed to help your child, but been unable to do so without some help? That is the situation we are facing in our family.

My wonderful 13-year-old son Jacob has struggled for his entire school career with dyslexia. We have done many things to help maximize Jacob's ability to learn in spite of these difficulties, including eventually schooling him at home so we could tailor-fit his education to his needs. (regular school settings just don't work for dyslexic kids) He has worked hard and done well in many ways, but as his mom I can tell you that it has been hard to see him struggle and not be able to do more to help. It has been heartbreaking, at times, to see how low his confidence is because of these difficulties. I have often wondered, especially as he has gotten older, what his future would be without the ability to effectively process the written word. How will he grow up to be able to support a family? How will he get a driver's license or fill out job applications or go to college when reading is such a barrier for him? Everything we have learned about dyslexia up until this point has told us that the best bet we had was "coping skills" but not any sort of way to cure, fix, or reverse it.

Recently we learned that there is hope! We are blessed to meet a couple that not only found a way to solve these types of challenges for their own son, but they have spent many years becoming skilled at a wide range of therapies and interventions that work to retrain the brain, which in turn helps to maximize the abilities of all types of people---including my son. We took Jacob for an evaluation where we got good news and important news. The good news is that in areas like Logic, Reasoning, and Working Memory he scores in the 18-year-old range, and in many areas he was average or even up to 16-year-old levels. However,the important news was that his word decoding and so forth was extremely critically low and in need of intervention, which of course we already basically knew. It was exciting to see how many areas Jacob really thrives in, and that also made me even more determined to find a way to get him this therapy so this one very weak area doesn't get in the way of his potential any longer!

Unlike some therapeutic settings where just one specific type of therapy is done, the place that we want to take Jacob does a wide range of testing, and then dove-tails together the specific types of therapies that will best serve his needs. We personally know several families with children that have gone through this therapy who describe it as "life-changing" and helping their children show dramatic improvement.

The recommendation is for Jacob to get vision therapy, primitive reflex exercises, auditory processing exercises, cognitive exercises, and other therapies. The types of therapeutic brain training that Jacob needs requires sessions 5 days a week for 12 weeks. Less frequent sessions would not offer the amount of consistency that is needed when doing this kind of work.

We are very fortunate that the place we will be working with is extremely reasonably priced. I have not seen any therapy options for dyslexia or anything else that have been as low as this place. However, at 5 sessions a week, even reasonably priced sessions add up very quickly. Get up to 60 sessions, and it gets beyond our realistic budget very, very quickly.

We are currently scrambling to figure out what extra money-making opportunities we can avail ourselves of in order to pay for Jacob's therapy, but of course needing to be available to go to therapy 5 times a week does limit our options. My husband is a hardworking firefighter, and I am a home educating mother. My husband and I also work with a handicapped gal from our church. We have six children, and live modestly. We actually have two other children that I believe would also greatly benefit from this therapy, but right now the cost seems beyond our means, so we are just starting with Jacob since his need is the most urgent. If we can somehow climb our way to raising $10,000, we would get all three boys into the therapy program this summer while they have the best time availability and energy for it.

We will be pulling out all the stops to earn extra funds to pay for Jacob's therapy, but I also know that offering the opportunity for others to get involved can be an important, even if humbling, experience. It is a blessing to be able to help others, and I know that the investment in Jacob is well worth it.

When I think of how few people it would actually take to pay this bill and just relax into the process, I feel like it makes sense to ask. Just 35 people that would give $100 would make it happen. Or 60 people who would each be willing to sponsor one $60 session. Less than 200 people that could each spare $20. I see that working together we can make good things happen quickly.

We are moving forward with the therapy so that he can be done with it before the next school year, even if it means we shoulder the entire cost ourselves and take a couple years to pay it off. Jacob is willing to work hard both in therapy and with all of the extra exercises that he needs to do at home, and he's willing to give up a lot of the flexibility that summer break usually offers, in order to invest in himself and his ability to do the best he can with his mind, for his future.

We appreciate your consideration in helping us help our child. Knowing that this therapy has the potential to unlock so many doors in Jacob's mind feels like a miracle to me.
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