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The family of Cody Butz want to raise money for funeral expenses for other children who’s families don’t have the money for arrangements

My name is Carin. I’m Cody’s mom. My son took his own life on Wednesday 12/21/11 approx. late morning. I had a bad feeling while at work almost like my heart left my chest so I decided to go home half a day. As soon as I walked into the house my world got darker and darker as I started to realize something was wrong. I found my son in his room. It was too late he was already gone. He did not leave us a note and we will never have answers why. Cody will FOREVER be loved and missed by so many people. My life will never be the same without my youngest baby boy

The average funeral cost is about $6200 Cody’s funeral due to agreements made between me and his father to accommodate everyone Cody’s funeral came to approximately $17000. His Father was able to help with laying our son to his final resting place. The day my son died so many questions were asked of me. Where would you like your son’s body to go, what were his wishes who can we call? I didn’t know any of these answers because I was in so much shock over the loss of my 18yr old son.
No Parent should have to bury their child and what parents have this kind of money tucked away for this cause. As parents we make arrangements for our self so our children do not face the burden of plans, wishes and most importantly COST. Within 20 hrs of our son’s death I was sitting in a funeral home in shock, and so emotionally upset and distraught that I couldn’t think of what my son would want or how we could afford it. It’s not bad enough a parent faces the loss of their child but also has to worry about if they can come up with the money to give their child a proper funeral.
As I grieve the loss of Cody I thought of ways to remember my son and continue to pay it forward just like Cody always did for a lot of people with his kind heart.
I have created a fundraiser in Cody’s honor to cover funeral expenses for other parents who have lost a child, for the reason of not having insurance or money to pay for their loved ones final resting place.
The donations will not be for Cody's funeral. His thank the lord; have been taken care of already. This Fundraiser is for other families who simply cannot pay to bury their child.
ALL of the donations will go the Thompsons Funeral home in Clear spring MD where Cody was first taken too, from our home the day he died. Sharon the owner is very compassionate about a Childs death because she also children of her own. She was the only Funeral home in Hagerstown that would come and get Cody and watch over Cody during Christmas without requesting the total funeral cost up front. She cared for Cody in the week he had to stay there awaiting his funeral as if he was one of her own. I will forever be grateful to Sharon for the care and comfort she gave Cody, I and our whole family.
Thank you for your time and thank you for continuing to find ways to offer me comfort during this extremely difficult time for me and our family.
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