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Riley Roe, beloved boxer, needs help raising money to pay for the costs associated with treatment for bone cancer in one of his back legs.

UPDATE: At the vet visit on thursday, the vet said without a doubt that he has bone cancer in his leg. He will need amputation within the next week or he will not make it possibly through the week. This surgery alone will cost 1500. With treatments and surgery he may have another year. I have never in my life had such a heart wrenching experience. I desperately need help to save my baby because he doesnt deserve this and is in so much pain!

The Story:
My dog Riley is a nine year old boxer. I have had him since he was 5 weeks old and he is my world. We have been together through so much. I couldn't imagine life without him. Here is a short version of the situation we are facing: A few days before Christmas I took him to have x-rays on his leg that has been hurting him and causing him to limp and not use one of his back legs. The x-ray showed that his back leg just above the knee has cancer in his bone and very inflamed. This news is devastating to me. The worst part is knowing how painful it is to him and that the bone is very weak and vulnerable to injury that would cause excruciating pain. My heart is breaking. This couldn't have come at a worse time. I am still unsure of what happens next for him. I took him in on wed the 21st and due to the holidays I have had to wait to hear back from the specialist who is supposed to be calling me today, Monday the 26th. I will keep this page updated as new information is received. He will most likely have to have his leg amputated. Since amputation doesn't eliminate the cancer there will be more treatments / surgeries he will possibly have to undergo. I am in desperation for a miracle to help pay for this. I am not sure how I can even pay for his next vet visit much less surgery and treatment costs. My financial situation is pretty bad at this time due to several different reasons beyond my control. In the mean time I can not just sit here as my baby is sick and in pain. He has been so wonderful through this and doesn't deserve to suffer.
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