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Funds are needed for my sweet "LITTLE BITTE SKODODDLE" in her daily fight against lymphoma. Your help deserves a big doggie kiss & hug.


Three years ago this June (2011) an unbelievably sweet, affectionate, loving little girl cocker spaniel, my “LITTLE BITTE SKODODDLE” came into my life and joined my other 4 furbabies and put a rope around our hearts and filled our hearts with her special love. Now our “LITTLE BITTE SKODODDLE” is in a fight against lymphoma and her furbaby sibs & I are going to be there for her in any way we can. Her oncologist said she’s a fighter for life and she’s got excellent odds because we caught it so quickly. She started on chemo & steroids and is responding well. She’ll have to undergo chemo for at least 6+ months weekly but she’s being a little trooper and when she gets home each week all her sibs gather round her for kisses & hugs and to lay with her. They let her know that the hours she’s at the hospital getting her chemo she’s missed and they’re so very glad she’s home.

I rescued "LITTLE BITTE" from Animal Care & Control in NYC a kill shelter where she was on the verge. She was considered older, overweight, filthy & matted, she had a urinary tract infection, eye & ear infection and she was so very very sad. She was found on the street and the shelter people referred to her as a “throw away momma”. "LITTLE BITTE" was overweight because she very obviously had given birth a few weeks before. The shelter workers said she was probably bred over & over and then when whoever had her felt she was either too old (they thought she was between 5 & 7) or couldn’t be bred any longer her babies were taken away from her early & she was dumped. Beyond the unbelievable sadness in her eyes I could see a special sweetness but also pure unhidden fear of what’s going to happen to me, perhaps she already knew what her fate at the kill shelter was going to be. I said “Not if I can help it, she’s joining my family where she’ll be loved, cared for and protected to the best of my ability”.

Everyone thought I was nuts because aside from having 4 other furbabies, another cocker, also a rescue (chocolate & white) and 3 cats I was just beginning to see the light after the surgery my little boy cocker (Puppalicious) had. Nine months earlier Puppalicious had been attacked by another dog and lost his sight within 36 hours. He wasn’t even 2 ½ at the time, the specialist our vet sent us too said there’s a surgery, it’s expensive and there’s no guarantee. After the surgery he’ll have a whole regimen of drops and different medications (17 to be exact) that he’ll have to get daily for months & he’ll have to come in weekly over those months then we’ll taper that off eventually to a few times a year forever & he’ll have to have special drops made up for him for life that you’ll have to give him a few times a day. I had to give him a chance, he loves to play ball and he was so young. His surgery was a success he has implants, he dealt with the daily meds & drops for months surrounded by his kitty sibs, and now takes his daily drops a few times a day and his trips to the specialist like a little soldier accompanied now by his new sister "LITTLE BITTE" (black & white). I tell you Puppa's story so you can see how much they love each other, how much they mean to each other and to their kitty sibs.

"LITTLE BITTE" protects him and her doggie friends in the neighborhood if some not so friendly dog approaches menacingly or goes to attack. She steps in front of Puppalicious or her friends, and if the dog keeps coming she growls or barks to warn them “get away from my brother, my mother and my friends”. Just a few months ago a dog 3 times their size grabbed Puppalicious by the throat and "LITTLE BITTE" stood straight up and with all her strength knocked that dog off Puppa and continued protecting him & me, it must be her mother instinct and the love she has for us. "Puppalicious and Little Bitte" have a very special relationship, they kiss, they hug, they play and they sleep & eat together. They love going to the park together Puppalicious loves to play ball and "LITTLE BITTE" loves to explore they always keep an eye on each other though. And you should see them with the kitties as well, Shadow Blue, Meeca, & Sauci. All five of them are always kissing, and following each other around. And talking to each other which cracks every person who’s ever seen them doing it up. They all sleep on top of each other and neither puppy gets angry when one of the kitties sticks their heads in their food or water dish at the same time. Last year Puppalicious started having seizures which the doctor said could be from that attack when he lost his sight. If "LITTLE BITTE" & the kitties aren’t already laying right by him they all come running over. "LITTLE BITTE" lays right down next to him even though he’s kicking uncontrollably and kisses him as best as she can till he comes out of the seizure completely and knows where he is & the cats are always either above him or surrounding him.

Right now "LITTLE BITTE" needs to be the one taken care of for a change, she needs to be mothered, she needs their love and strength in her fight against the lymphoma in her body because her doctor says she’s got a REAL GOOD CHANCE at beating this. But I need help from any other furbaby moms or dads or just lovers of these special little “gifts of love” God brings to our life. Her estimate is well over $12,000 and could go even higher. I’ve been trying the best I can financially for her bill but I’m not doing well. I won’t let "LITTLE BITTE" be deprived of the medical help she needs because of my pride. Someone told me about this site so I had to reach out to you and your friends, if you could pass this along to others who understand it would be so helpful. If you can help with any amount "LITTLE BITTE", her sibs and I would be so grateful. I’ll update her progress here so you’ll know how much your kindness has helped. "LITTLE BITTE’S" being treated at a great hospital, NYC Veterinary Specialists and Cancer Treatment Center. I love this little girl, her smile lights up the room, even the doctors and technicians tell me that while she’s there getting her chemo they go over to talk with her or give her a hug because they love to see her smile, she is so very very sweet. PLEASE PLEASE help "LITTLE BITTE" keep smiling for many more years. Your prayers, your smiles, passing this on to your friends, a donation no matter how big or small will all help a sweet little girl who's fighting like her life depends on it, it does. May God Bless You for Your Kindness and bring you closer to His heart.

Thank You from "LITTLE BITTE SKODODDLE", Shadow Blue, Meeca, Sauci, Puppalicious and me.

*UPDATE: Some friends have asked what meds my little trooper "LITTLE BITTE" has been getting so I thought I'd fill everyone in. The steroids are Prednisolone. She's been getting the chemo on a weekly basis and each week they change the type. One is so strong that they had to do a whole separate work up and an ultrasound of her heart to make sure it was strong enough to deal with it because it can effect the muscles of the heart that chemo is Adriamycin. Then there's Vincristine and Cytoxan chemos. She also takes Zofran for any nausea. She has good days, she has bad days but she keeps pushing on surrounded by my love, the love of her furbaby sibs and her furbaby friends in the neighborhood. She's my little trooper and with God's help, her Oncology Specialist, all the meds and any help we can get here from all you kind people who open up your hearts to help me pay for her treatments she'll beat this and have many more years to spread around her love and be loved. Thank you for taking the time.

*UPDATE: "LITTLE BITTE'S" latest round of Adriamycin chemo left her not wanting to eat for 5 days and all she wanted to do was sleep. She glared at me when it was time to go down for her walks. She didn't even want to sniff her food. She was dealing with nausea and even the pills the doctor gave me for that didn't seem to make a difference. I got a little bit of stringbeans & banana in her but it wasn't easy. Just when that seemed to be easing off the diarrhea started and then we had pills from the doctor for that. It was an exhausting 5 days but again she pulled through better than I did and her furbaby siblings seemed to take turns sleeping with her. It's amazing to me how they all know when somethings wrong and they know what to do. We could learn a lot from watching them.

**UPDATE........The oncologist informed me that after the chemo treaments are stopped she'll have to see "LITTLE BITTE" every month for complete follow-up check-ups. I pray that each check-up she'll send us home saying "Everything looks fine with "LITTLE BITTE" & my little girl will have many more years to share her love and sweetness.

***UPDATE........With "LITTLE BITTE" having to see the oncologist monthly for follow-ups that will definitely increase the $12,000 plus estimate to who knows what. I'm trying everything to raise this money and only hope that those who know how important the love is you share with your furbabies will find it in their hearts to help no matter how big or small and will take the time to pass this url: on to others and they'll pass it on & on & on. "LITTLE BITTE'S" doing her part she's in their fighting for HER LIFE I'm trying to help her with that fight. MY FURBABIES are MY FAMILY and I wouldn't give any of them up for ANYTHING!!!!!!!!
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