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Hi there! :) Im Shannon Walker, Im 27 yrs old, I'm the mother of a handsome 8yr old boy and a beautiful 4yr old little girl, and im extremely grateful that you guys are here giving me the privilege to tell you what has impacted our daily financial livelihood this past couple of years.

After years of excruciating, disabling, constantly, severe migraines, several different cases of vision loss, several cases of slurred speech, cases of dizzy spells (I couldn't walk or stand straight without leaning onto a wall), i wasnt able to work for days sometimes weeks because I couldn't remember things or I wasn't able to focus or speak in complete sentences, I would have stroke like symptoms (right side of my face drooped down, couldn't move my right arm or my right leg, had no feeling on the right side of my body), my family took me to every Doctor, Nurse Practioner, and eye Dr ( for the vision loss) in, around, even outside of town! They all said the same thing... "Honey, I.. I just do NOT know what's wrong with you!"  I was eventually referred to a Neurologist that did many tests and took many blood samples and ordered some cat scans and some MRI'S and a Spinal Taps (the spinal tap was like a balloon releasing air to me! It was obvious immediately I needed that pressure OFF OF MY BRAIN)! In 2014 my Nuerologisgist diagnosed me with a very rare and a non curable condition called Ideopathic Intracranial Hypertension, a neurological disorder also known as Pseudotumor Cerebri, meaning a chronic condition in which the cerebrilspinal fluid pressure inside the skull increases for no obvious reason. Symptoms mimic a brain tumor, but no tumor is present. Other symptoms include severe migraines behind the eyes, ringing in the ears, and episodes of blindness that can become permanent.
I am now required to take 1000mg of preventive medications and 2 different prescriptions for emergency/rescue medications! BUT medicaid will not pay for me to see my Nuerologisgist nor will it pay for my meds nor will it pay for my long over due spinal tap to drain the fluid off of my brain!! I am asking you guys to please help me pay for my medication and at least one doctor visit so he will renew my prescriptions. If anyone has spare pocket change to donate I'll greatly appreciate every penny! I am so worried that I will have an aneurysm and will not see my children grow up... This condition I have is very real and very deadly and I am desperate for some brain pressure relief!! :( 
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