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Hello my name is Shante Rosario and I and my family are in need of some help I am behind on my rent by 630 dollars and I pay 750 dollars a month plus water and gas and electric.

I have been backed up on all for a couple of months trying to juggle buying food for the kids cleaning there clothes and keeping up with rent and utilities have gotten pretty difficult since myou husband got laid off.. any who I have been trying to keep up by paying what I can to the rent every two weeks and to the bills and I am stuck now I just need a little help to get my bills paid. So I need to pay 175 $ to ppl electric by the 24 th that is minimum so they don't shut off lights and 254$ to the water bill or they will shut off on the 26th and condemn our home I paid my gas two weeks ago. To top it all off I have my son who is entering 6th grade and daughter who is starting 2nd grade in a few days that need supplies . I am in a bind and have gone around for help and don't know what else to do just praying God can touch someone's hearts to help us. Even if it is just enough to get my electric and water paid we will be so greatful.please anything can help us I don't want my kids to have to go without and I just need help so that I can continue to then keep up with my bills.
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