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This is the Please Help Chloe Fund. Please help me get her the vet care she so desperatly needs!!!!

I have had chloe for almost 5 years now and i love her more than anything! My friends and family tease me about being obsessed with my cat because i pay constant attention to her. I carry her around with me,pet her,talk to her ect. for the better part of every day. She is my constant little companion.With her long fluffy fur and her beautiful gray coat she is often mistaken for a "fancy" cat but shes actually a regular domestic long hair.Everyone always comments on how special looking she is! She is the sweetest cat in the world and loves everyone,but she especially loves me.I often wake up to her bright green eyes staring at me from olny an inch a way as she paws and purrs to tell me to get up.

Now Chloe is sick...she has some kind of blockage that is making it difficult for her to go to the bathroom and she has not been able to go for almost a week.I have spoken to several vets and my sister who works in a vetrenary clinic and they all said the same thing."she needs to see a vet now!" Any sort of blockage for a kitty can become a very serious life threating situation if it is not dealt with quickly.But unfortunatly I do not have the funds to pay for vetrinary care.I have been in a panic applying for credit cards and vertrinary lines of credit(like care credit),asking relatives for loans and looking online for organizations that will help pay for emergancy pet medical needs.Nothing has come through yet! I need to get her to a vet as soon as possible!! Please help me help Chloe before its too late!
Any help at all is so so greatly apreciated!!
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