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Jerson Teves passed away last week after fighting a losing battle to TB.

Surviving are his wife, Teresita and 7 children,
3 who are still living at home. One of Jerson's daughters still living at home has a special needs child. Mr. Teves was the sole income for the family, leaving Mrs. Teves, 3 children and one grandchild with no income. Because of Mrs. Teves' health, she is unable to work.
Most of us living in America do not realize what a struggle life is in the Philippines and I want people who are not familiar with their plight to know what a difficult and sometimes harsh place it is to simply get by day to day. The average income for the poor is $150 a month, which is about what Jerson earned farming. Most of the poor do not have running water, they have to buy it on a daily basis. Many do not have electricity, which means no refrigerator either. I can't imagine, living here in America, to not have plumbing or electricity. I can't imagine having to cook my meals on a little wood stove and have to buy wood every day. I can't imagine never being able to go to a restaurant or a movie or not having a TV!
Very few have Health Insurance, so Doctor visits and Hospitalization are paid out of pocket. Many are sent home early because they cannot afford a hospital stay.
My only hope is that there are a few good hearted people who will help the Teves family in their time of sorrow and need. I'm not asking for a lot, just enough to help pay their funeral expenses, their hospital bills and rent for a few months....just until we can figure out another way to help them. I wish to thank in advance, Everyone who can help, even just a little. Kyle Nault

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