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With God providing & guiding doctors through his brain surgery, your prayers and support will help provide a new beginning for Elijah.

11 years ago, God brought a beautiful little boy into this world. A little boy less than perfect who is named Elijah Richard Daniels, my nephew. Elijah was born a preemie, at 2 lbs. 10 oz., Rick and Kerri's bundle of joy, and Jacob's little brother. Little did they know at six weeks old, their little miracle baby would have to undergo brain surgery for a staph infection on the brain. At this time, Rick and Kerri turn to God for prayer and hope asking for guidance and stability. Braving the storm of life living with their baby diagnosed with having infantile spasms, Rick and Kerri put their trust in God in spite of seemingly insurmountable circumstances. Through tears after tears through trial and error of medications over medications, being in and out of different hospitals, doctors delivered the overwhelming news no parent would want to hear. Elijah is autistic and some form of Cerebral Paulsey is present. Immediately, they are reminded with sorrow in their hearts that their little boy's growing years will have some challenges. With the uncertainties and the diagnostic of Autism and Cerebral Paulsey, another medical diagnosis called Partial Complex Seizures have now become a part of Elijah's development. Elijah is now 11 years old and as the seizures progress daily, the seizures are becoming more intense as the years go by. From side effects of multiple medications, monthly doctor visits , brain scans, being poked and probed by giving monthly blood work in and out of hospitals, the medications start to fail once again, but Rick and Kerri never give up hope and faith that God has a plan. God's plan leads them to the Cleveland Clinic. More tests are administered and tests showed that Elijah's seizures are becoming aggressive and was told that in order to reduce Elijah's seizures, he would need to undergo brain surgery called Hemispherectomy. A right Hemispherectomy is a surgical procedure which involves total or partial removal of an affected cerebral hemisphere (part of the brain) or disconnecting the affected cerebral hemisphere from the unaffected side. If he does not have the surgery by the time he is 20, it might be too late, and the seizures will turn into grand-mal seizures or he could possibly have a brain hemorrhage. Emotionally and financially, this is all too much to take in at first. The out-of-pocket medical costs, the room and board for Elijah's care while he is recovering is weighing on their minds, but knowing Kerri and Rick, God leads the way and quiets their hearts, and God reminds them of his blessings each and every day in spite of their hurting. God is Lord over their life and Rick, Kerri, Jacob and Elijah are heir of his kingdom and God will provide in their time of need. With God leading their journey, Elijah will undergo his Hemispherectomy at the Cleveland Clinic on Thursday, March 29th, 2012 starting at 5:30 AM and will take about 9 hours. After surgery, Elijah will be admitted to the pediatric intensive care unit (PICU) for close monitoring of his neurological status and myself or the family will keep you posted of Elijah's prognosis. Not only is this a financial roller coaster but, it's a high stress-out of control time. Rick and Kerri as parents, there are many days out of the week when life feels "on hold" or out of control because their little boy has challenges. They scramble to find ways to get to work and work around the home, then they have to dash out for medication, comfort food, and the favorite thing of Elijah's all trucks!!! Everyone that knows Elijah, when it comes to monster trucks, he could be the MC Speaker/CEO of the Monster Truck Foundation because he knows them all. It's those "I don't feel good Mommy and Daddy" days that break Rick and Kerri's heart, and then off again to the doctors. It is physically demanding days in and days out. As Rick and Kerri work towards giving Elijah the best care he needs, they are always reminded, concerned, and consumed with Elijah's seizures and will the money stretch till the end of the month? Rick and Kerri are always a channel of grace for others emotionally, financially and spiritually, that is why I felt it was important to keep the family and friends up-to-date and in your prayers on Elijah's care during the next couple of months. During this time, they are remembering and celebrating the life of their daughter Jaelynn Gene Daniels, and Elijah and Jacob's little sister who went to be with Jesus 3 years ago, on March 20, 2009. While celebrating Jaelynn's life, it was through God and the heart of a special volunteer, Alaina Hiatt, and founder of the Tiny Purpose that helped Kerri, Rick, Elijah and Jacob put all their emotions into perspective. Its what one single act of kindness means in a time of sadness that brings about what their mission statement embodies - the hope of being able to help grieving mothers understand that their baby’s too-short life had a purpose – a purpose extending into eternity. The desire to be a place where women are allowed to grieve, grow and heal; and a place where they have the opportunity to help other mothers, in turn fulfilling the Lord’s eternal purpose. In a special remberence of Jaelynn, WLMB, channel 40, Toledo Ohio, will be having all day sponsor in memory of Jaelynn on her birthday, March 20, 2012. Prayer requests and letters of encouragement are encouraged from family, and friends of the family. However, If you want to help lighten Rick and Kerri's financial burden, please do so below and in no means are they asking for a donation. If you decide to leave a donation, your donations will be received and given to the family for out-of- pocket medical costs after the surgery for the care of Elijah. Your donations will be handled in a secured way and if you prefer, annonymous. Your words of encouragement, prayers and virtual hugs are more than enough. Kerri and Rick have already been abundantly blessed with a beautiful family, and wonderful friends, and friends of the family, sharing your love from God, and I know that they are so very much appreciative of the desires to help them apply your loving prayers and gifts to a New Beginning for Elijah.

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