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Helping this Maltese get her tumor removed would be such a miracle!! Please help donations will be greatly appreciated!

Krystal is a thirteen year old female maltese. Her birthday is on New Year's day. She was originally from Pennsylvania, her original owners had her since she was a puppy but they both passed away when she was eleven. She was living in the home by herself while a neighbor would just come by to feed her. She was finally sent to live with a family friend. The friend who had taken Krystal in had a sister who apparently did not like Krystal so she would abuse her. The friend felt horrible and gave her away. She was sent to live with another woman who took Krystal in but was unable to keep her due to having two male dogs. Finally I came across Krystal on Craigslist, went to see her and took her in.

She is a wonderful dog and all she ever wanted was to be loved! At first she was very shy and snippy about some things but once she realized that she could trust me she opened up alot! I have had her since july and from than till now it's like a completely different dog. She is very energetic for a senior dog, she loves playing and going for walks. Her nickname is Krystal the Pistol and that she is!

Unfortunately her original owners never got her fixed when she was younger so now she has a tumor on her far back left breast. The doctors say she still has a few years to live and is for the most part very healthy. They strongly suggested she get this removed in case it is cancer. There is a 50/50 chance that this is cancerous. During the procedure they plan to also fix Krystal so she has no further problems. The tumor continues to grow upwards now and is getting bigger. I would like to see her have this done soon, I wouldn't be able to bare seeing her have to suffer from anything like cancer. I currently just finished school and I'm unemployed at the moment so I'm trying my best to get as much money as possible saved up to have this procedure done for her. I feel she deserves to have this done especially for all that she has been through. I want to see her live her years out and be happy until that time does come for her. Donations would be greatly appreciated!
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