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Heather and Gary need our help. They are facing a long, difficult, and unpredictable road as Heather battles Guillane Barre Syndrome.

Dear Friends, Family, and Supporters,
The autumn of 2014 was to be among the happiest time of their life together. On August 23rd Heather gave birth via C-Section to a beautiful and healthy baby boy, Wesley Bailey Wood!  Four days later Heather and Gary closed on their new fixer-upper home (the same day Heather and Wesley came home from the hospital). As you can imagine, things were a bit hectic as they worked hard to settle in to their new life. All was well until Heather started to experience some severe pain and discomfort. Although test results showed no discernable problem, Heather’s condition deteriorated. On Sunday August 31 Heather woke to discover that she could not move. She was quickly transported via ambulance to the hospital where, after an eventual transfer to Mass General Hospital, it was determined that she was suffering from the most serious form of Guillan-Barre Syndrome, called Miller Fisher Syndrome. Two weeks later, the doctors at MGH, although treating Heather for GBS and MFS, are still uncertain as to a definite diagnoses and therefore a certain course of treatment. 

GBS and MFS are rare but very serious autoimmune disorders in which the immune system attacks healthy nerve cells of the peripheral nervous system. In Heather's case it has led to complete muscle paralysis, including that of her eye muscles, meaning she is unable to open her eyes. Heather is completely dependent on assistance to help her breathe and get nutrition. What makes this that much more traumatic and difficult is that Heather is fully aware of her condition but completely unable to communicate how she feels or what she needs. Imagine having a newborn son and being unable to see him, feed him, or hold him.  Gary, Heather's mother Sue, and Gary's father are working very hard to comfort her. They bring little Wesley in for some "skin on skin" time but it's clear how painful the situation is for all.  

At this point, it is impossible to predict what the course of Heather's illness and recovery will look like. She may be in the hospital for months and it is estimated that recovery and rehabilitation can take anywhere from several months to several years. Once discharged from the hospital, it is likely Heather will go directly to a rehabilitation center before she's ready to go home. 

Although Gary's employer is generously continuing to pay his salary while Heather is in the hospital, and Heather's co-workers have selflessly donated some of their own sick time, the predicted costs associated with Heather's treatment, recovery, and rehabilitation are expected to be overwhelming. Given that little Wesley is only days old, it is crucial that the family be able to care and provide for any and all needs that might arise. 

Funds that we are able to raise will be used to pay for medical and child care costs, the possible purchase of a new (used) car that can accommodate the wheelchair that Heather is likely to need, and any modifications to their home that will make Heather's transition back to living at home as smooth as can be. 

Let's remind both Heather and Gary just how loved and supported they are. Please consider making a donation, your financial support can significantly ease the pressure on both Gary and Heather...

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