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The van Schaik friends & family are uniting to raise funds to cover the unforeseen expenses of Danny's extended medical care.

A big THANK YOU to all the friends supporting the Van Shaik family. This fundraiser had to close so that funds could be distributed.

If you are looking for the new donation site for Danny please go to:

That's the one to promote now.


You always hear stories of an innocent child who is battling horrible disease. This time it is happening in our own backyard. Danny van Schaik, who turns 11 this August 2012 and was planning to attend 6th grade at Suffern Middle School in the fall, was seemingly in perfect health just the day before, woke up June 27th, 2012 with a strong pain in his lower abdomen – strong enough that he was taken to the ER as his parents were concerned that he might have appendicitis. As it turned out the pain in the side was not major but routine blood tests revealed a much more shocking diagnosis - Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL). Less than 12 hours after Danny said his side hurt, he was being checked into Columbia Children's hospital for cancer treatment. The overall prognosis is good because ALL treatment has a 98% success rate but because it is a blood cancer, the chemotherapy protocols are intense, debilitating, isolating and go on for years. He’s expected to be in the hospital for the next 4 weeks. He'll have a 3-4 day reprise at home, then back for another week or two in the hospital. After that, it’s shorter inpatient stays and longer outpatient treatments for the remainder of a 26 month course of treatment. The friends and family of Danny's outpoured their love and concern for Danny, his mother Gail, his dad Justin, and his sister Juliette. They have visited the hospital, wrote cards and letters, sent emails, texts and gifts; everyone trying in some small way, to help. As each day passes, as Danny gets deeper into his treatment, Gail, Justin and Juliette sit by his side; joking, playing and loving in hopes of making the best out of this horrific situation. Unfortunately, at this stage of the treatment, friends are no longer able to visit since he is so susceptible to any type of infection; thus leaving the community with the all too common question “How can I help?” Here’s how people can help-> make a donation to the support fund for the van Schaik family When a child becomes very sick, his family has more to worry about than just his treatment and recovery. The parents begin to miss a lot of work while and treatment related bills begin to pile up. The van Schaiks are lucky to have health insurance but there are a myriad of expenses being incurred on a daily basis that add up quickly and cause financial stress on top of their concern for their child’s health. Right now the goal is to support the van Schaik family deal with the many unforeseen expenses that are incurred supporting Danny's stay in the hospital (parking, tolls, eating out instead of at home, internet, buying a laptop to help Danny stay in touch with friends, and of course the loss of income that comes with time off of work and so on and so on). Family and friends, we do not have to sit by and wonder what to do. We can all chip in together to create a support fund for Danny and his family to help ease the burden of this 2 year+ treatment. This fund will automatically generate a payment to the van Schaik family when it closes in 4 months (which is a limitation of this website). Our goal is to just do this one big fundraiser for the family and support their efforts in the future to raise money for Leukemia research.

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