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Raise money to save my dog's life. Tumor is right side of liver shows no signs of cancer. Prognosis is "good to excellent".!

Animal Angels Please help! We just rescued, healed, tamed and found good forever homes for a litter of feral kittens and Hugo never even let on that he wasn't up to it! I NEED him. He is so important to me! And he helps rescues! Hugo has helped me rescue animals all his life. He calms the new ones, when we have a litter I feed, he takes care of the other end and we both clean. Now HE NEEDS HELP. He needs surgery and his prognosis from surgeon is "good to excellent with surgery without surgery he will die". That is the best prognosis anyone can get!! This dog is the only one out of the thousands (in 30 years, could be millions because of all the animals I spayed/ neutered) of animals that I have helped... that I chose when he was born and I raised him. Because of that he is in excellent health!
Recently an ultrasound found a tumor in his liver. Everything else is completely normal. The surgery to remove the tumor is estimated at $3,187.76 to $4,162.07. Vet is confident that it will be more on the low end. Will you be one of Hugo's Angels?. Hugo is all I have and his life is worth saving! I am disabled so am unable to do car washes and such. I am doing the best I am able. I have several things going on the internet Wish Upon A Hero and Give Forward. I have fliers printed and am putting them everyplace I can think of! Also, I have contacted 25 organizations and so far two are willing to help. IMOM is willing to help fund raise if I can come up with more money. Onyx and breezy Foundation has pledged $200.00. I am on FB. Please find it in your heart to help Hugo! Any amount will help! All 3 vets that have checked Hugo out have positive prognosis reports. Hugo's vet, " I would hate to see Hugo succumb to death if the tumor bursts when surgery would be curative" Ultrasound Dr., " surgery will be curative". Anyone who wants to see the reports from the vets I will be happy to email them to you. I have tried to put them up but am unable to do so. I will be paying more than the $20.00 I donated here. Please find it in your heart to donate any amount no amount is too small!. Today is Monday March 14 IMOM raised $1,000.00 over the weekend, I have $643.00 so I still need $1,543.00 and Give Forward takes their cut so you can call me and I will give you other ways of donating if you want all your money to go to Hugo's surgery or if you want to donate here that is fine too. Please help. Hugo can only hold out for so long and I can see he isn't doing as well! Thank you for reading this. Love * Peace * Light Ashley and Hugo
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