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Xavier is in his 3rd round of chemotherapy with an unsure amout how many cycles it will be. Hes doing great, Superman can't be stopped!


Our journey began June of 2013. Xavier woke up one morning with an irritated right eye and I promptly called his Primary Physician and scheduled an appt. The Dr. determined he had an infection brewing and prescribed an antibiotic. Within 48 hours his eye looked worse and I was advised to take Xavier to the ER at Akron Children’s Hospital, and I did so. Children’s responded quickly, ordering test and cat scans. After Xavier’s was assessments were complete, it was determined that he had a large mass behind his right eye and it was causing tremendous pressure to his eye posing a huge problem. Xavier was admitted and within 72 hours a biopsy / removal of partial mass was completed and a diagnosis of neuroblastoma was given and a treatment plan was established. Xavier started what would be the 1st of 8 rounds of chemotherapy. Xavier responded very well to his treatments and we watched him grow from our baby Xavier to our “Superman” Big Boy, defiantly the strongest out of the bunch!


As a follow up after chemotherapy, Xavier was scheduled for a CAT scan , the wait felt like an eternity, and then we received the news, “something” was still visible…. The air in our world was heavy, thick and foul. Xavier was scheduled for a biopsy, and was readmitted to the hospital and again another surgery.  He did very well and back home we went!

THE WAIT part 1

We then waited again for what seemed to be another eternity, until we received “THE CALL”, results were positive that the neuroblastoma was present and further treatment was needed. I melted…

THE WAIT part 2

I was informed by Dr. Petit (Akron children’s oncologist) that Children’s hospital of Philadelphia has a renowned Neuroblastoma department and referred us to the hospital for a 2nd opinion from the specialists.

THE WAIT part 3

 Were currently awaiting the insurance approval and for his appointment to be scheduled.


Xavier received a call and his appointment is April 24th @ 8:30am. And then we wait……


 Thank you for reading Xavier’s journey God Bless.

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