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Javon is an amazing little boy like every other child in so many ways. His father and I just want him to be afforded to opportunity to hear.

Javon was born in December of 2008 a few months too early. He was only 3 pounds and was forced to have the first of many surgeries to come a few hours after he was born to attach his stomach to his intestines. He survived the surgery and in the days following it was bad news followed by devastating news. On day 5 I was told my one and only child tested positive from Down Syndrome. At the time I thought my perfect little boy was broken. As the weeks went on we began to have less tubes attached to him, but he still appeared lifeless. At 3 months he went into significant heart failure and was forced to have open heart surgery. I was told he had a 50% chance of survival since he was still so little. He had a couple of blood transfusions, and he did quite well even though he had a stroke while on bypass and was on the breathing tube for only a couple of days. As the regimen of daily medications increased the amount of tubes and monitor decreased. After months in the hospital we were able to take him home for good with his monitor and oxygen in tow. When Javon turned 3 he was able to start school, but we have encountered a multitude of problems having a child that just doesn't quite fit in the box. Javon is the sweetest little boy; he will brighten anyone's day, but with his hearing loss and his stroke when he was very little he is not able to talk. The public school system addresses the problem by having services come in an hour or two a week to help Javon learn American Sign Language. His skills are progressing very slowly due to his lack of exposure. The school offered to send Javon to a residental school where he could live that is approximately 4 hours away from our house, but I couldn't imagine my 3 year old so far away. We recently found a private school that specializes in special needs children and offers class in spoken English in conjunction with American Sign Language. Javon recently started at a school that is specialized for child with apraxia issues. Javon's stepfather and I both work full time, and are limited with our funds for continuing medical expenses. He has weekly speech, physical and occupational therapy as well as 13 doctors that he sees regularly. Between his continued medical bills, prescriptions and therapies we are on payment plans with everyone. 7 surgeries later by looking at Javon, you wouldn't know that he is a sick little boy. He doesn't view himself as sick or any different than any other 3 year old, even though the world does. Any assistance that you would be able to spare would be a blessing and appreciated more than you could ever understand. We recently found out that due to Javon's persistent hearing loss he needs hearing aids. However Javon has a conductive hearing loss so he has to have a specialized hearing aid called a BAHA. The BAHA is an implant that will bypass Javon's middle ear and conduct the sound directly allowing him to hear normally. Our insurance will only cover a very small portion of the medical expenses. We are hopeful that by doing this Javon will begin to use spoken language as his primary means of communication.
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