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This is the Tyler Blaise Jaymecen Project, Where Step-by-Step, Side-by-Side WE CAN ALL MAKE A BENEFICIAL CONTRIBUTION TO HELPING EACH OTHER.





The TYLER BLAISE JAYMECEN PROJECT IS Dedicated to HELPING RAISE Public, Community and Society’s AWARENESS on behalf of ALL those Suffering from AUTO-IMMUNE Medical Diseases and Disorders. As well as Fundraising So I Can AFFORD ALL MY MEDICAL EXPENSES and STILL PAY the TYPICAL EVERYDAY LIVING EXPENSES of OUR HOUSEHOLD with three Teenage Sons, ALL With Chronic Pain Associated with Auto-Immune Disease and Without ANY Healthcare or ANY DEPENDABLE Income, While Currently Still Unemployable Since Most Recent Flare-Up Began in Spring 2003 and Has Been Ongoing Ever Since to the Present. We are Particularly Connected with Others Suffering DAILY with CHRONIC PAIN AUTO-IMMUNE DISEASES and DISORDERS Like Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) WITH Fybromyalgia (FM) and the Multiple Other Commonly Associated Diseases and Disorders Associated with Such a Diagnoses — Just As I DO EVERYDAY. And ALL While Still Trying My Best to Continue Caring For My Teenage Sons, Each One of the Three Born with the SAME specific form of Epilepsy, Creating its Own Whole Unique Variety of Challenges for Each of Them to slowly Overcome over many years of Mostly Out-of-Pocket Therapies too…

Despite So Many Experiences throughout My Own Life to the Contrary, I STILL DO FIRMLY BELIEVE, and ALWAYS WILL BELIEVE IN THE COMPASSION of the ‘HUMAN SPIRIT’, and I KNOW WE CAN DO THIS TOGETHER with YOUR Generous,Compas-sionate and Caring financial contributions that allow those just like me out there to “SURVIVE” rather than otherwise simply falling through the bureaucratic cracks… ________________________________________



… Well, at least it certainly feels that way since Spring 2005, when I was finally accurately diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) an Auto-Immune Disease and Fibromyalgia (FM) an Auto-Immune Disorder, along with Many Other Often Associated Medical Diagnoses that go along with both of these Progressive, Chronic Diseases/Disorders. This is something I couldn’t wish on even my worst enemy per se. I went from having a nearly photographic memory to forgetting the next word I want to use in this sentence. I went from multi-tasking five or more things at one time while giving 110% to all five and now I’m lucky if I can do ONE thing at a time… These diseases have robbed me of LIFE, now I just live one day at a time. Some days are good and some days the pain is so horrendous tears stream down my face silently because sobbing just intensifies the level of pain. But, despite what people may presume about those like me with Chronic Pain Diseases, I AM NOT LAZY, and I AM MOST DEFINITELY NO ‘STRANGER’ TO HARD WORK and MULTIPLE JOBS, often at the same time, and also while taking extra classes to graduate H.S. approximately a year early, so I could begin college sooner. At one point I was taking full class loads AND working three jobs. I started working YOUNG. I was only eleven years old when I began babysitting for neighborhood families with young children. At that time, babysitting paid only $0.50 an hour. By age 15 I also added working in a Restaurant, and by 17 graduated H.S. early, and was working up to three jobs while taking full course loads. All this, because My Own Father (Now in his early 80’s with multiple amputations, including both legs just below the knee), unfortunately became DISABLED himself at ONLY the Age of 41 years old, due to a different Progressive, Chronic Medical Disease. After my father’s diagnosis and watching him struggle through his pain, my ONLY sibling, a 14 month younger brother was diagnosed at age 26 from yet another, different Progressive and Chronic Pain Disease, and just after turning 44 years old, he passed away of complications from his Diabetes disease.

Of Course, before that all happened and when it was only our father who was suffering with his disease, my brother and I never wanted our parents to feel they weren’t doing or giving us the very best they had… Because truth be told, they were doing much more than most of our neighborhood kids parents were, through being there for us, supporting us and providing as much LOVE as two parents could possibly hold. No, not all the materialistic ‘stuff’ most of the other kids where we lived were getting – like buying a child’s love somehow was easier for them as parents and that’s all kids really need/want anyway. Interestingly enough it was obvious to me that most of them were just plain in need of more of what my parents gave us which was love.

Besides, all this, I was born Fighting For My Life starting at three days old for two long years before the physicians figured out I caught ‘staph’ infection that went into my tonsils, while in the hospital nursery. My parents took shifts so I would never be alone in an overwhelming sea of medical personnel, so I believe they had given me more already than most kids get in a lifetime from their parents… Once it was figured out and the tonsils came out, which caused me to become sicker than ever before from the bacteria flooding my entire system, I fought the good fight and finally was fine. Although, now the theories behind the cause of RA and other auto-immune diseases indicate this may be the root cause of the disease I suffer from right now today.

All I know for certain is that this early infancy/toddlerhood experience made me a ‘Take Charge’ person, and a ‘Rescuer’. To this day, and even back then, I was so busy saving every person, animal and anything plus everything else in need, I never realized one day, down the road, I might actually be the one needing rescuing myself again…

Finally in the late 70’s I chose the printing and graphics industry and after more than a decade working for various companies, I finally opened and ran my own small, but highly successful business from the late 1980’s - the early 1990’s . When I finally had my own boys, later in life, I was thinking ‘financial security’ and getting the whole ‘career thing’ done would make me at better mom, but when my firstborn was 14 months old, I closed my once very lucrative business to become a Full-Time Mom to eventually three, incredible, beautiful and exceptional sons (All of which were born with Focal Seizure Disorder—a specific form of Epilepsy) that required a great deal of out-of-pocket SL therapy with a focus on dyspraxia, dysphasia and Sara Rosenfeld Johnson speech therapy training, as well as, OT with a focus on Fine Motor and Sensory Integration training.

Now, that I’ve become ill — my latest Flare-up began in Spring 2003, my medical diagnoses in Spring 2005, make me a single Mom raising still two sons today, while uninsurable plus unemployable too, and I truly feel as if I am now being ‘punished’ by my federal, state, city, county, local governments, our current society at large and ALL SIMPLY because I MADE the CHOICE to put Raising My Three Boys As My Full-Time Priority and Career, especially with all their challenges and all the help required for them to overcome, but timing being what it is, I ended up getting sick myself. Now that I really do need healthcare, financial assistance, and everything that goes with continuing caring for and raising my two youngest sons while fighting for MY LIFE, yet again due to my diagnoses — It’s truly sad to say, it’s as if I SIMPLY DON’T ‘Even Exist’ at ALL.

I’m just one of those ‘lucky’ individuals in our society that “falls through the bureaucratic cracks, qualifying for nothing, all because I chose raising my children (whether with or without their own medical challenges), because in today’s society, raising our children, (unless you’re employed as a “nanny,” and let’s face it, how many of us can afford one of those, especially with every extra dime going to all the therapies three children needed first). So being a full-time mother even of medically challenged children IS NOT considered ‘A Real Job’ or ‘Real Work’ (even though, I can say with total honesty that it was and is the ‘Toughest Job,’ I’ve ever had in my life…) With our society’s indifferent attitude, I Fall through the Cracks and nobody notices, realizes, cares or is available and/or willing to help by giving me a Hand-Up/Step-Up, when it’s needed the most.

But what about child support (CS) or ‘medical’ spousal maintenance (MSM) after over three long, difficult decades together, you may wonder — well, the courts require it, but with our society setting this kind of precedence, is it really any big surprise to anyone out there that within three months of my diagnoses, my now legally separated spouse walked out suggesting something along the lines of being unwilling to support me if I was now disabled too, plus three children besides. (And no, it wasn’t put as kindly or gently phrased as that, since it included loud yelling with numerous expletives injected too…) With our own Society’s general attitudes and views toward working women choosing to raise their children, instead of pursuing a career, is it any wonder to anyone out there that this is a man that feels zero responsibility or obligation to do so either? So guess where that leaves me today: un-insurable, un-employable ‘in the conventional sense,’ completely stressed out and basically finally financially distraught — ANY STRESSORS, whether Physiological and/or psychological, are now medically WELL KNOWN to EXACERBATE the SYMPTOMS of my diagnoses, and Directly Interfere with the possibility that I could still go into even some length of remission, let alone permanent remission.

To add insult to injury, based on medical statistics, since I was diagnosed before age 50, and now eight years later, I still haven’t gone into remission, I’ve listened to it medically ‘suggested’ that it’s like I’m some type of human ticking time-bomb, that sadly based on statistics, indicates a loss of 20 years off my own life expectancy. Thus making it uncertain to me, if I’ll even be around long enough to see my youngest son graduate High School, never mind College, or all the other milestones still coming in all three of my son’s futures and their lives, which I’d hoped to be a part of, naturally.

So, as honestly and truly put as I can be, I know of nowhere else to turn under my unique medical, life challenging, plus dwindling financial circumstances, than to those few, very special generous, caring and compassionate human souls out there within my own community here in Greater Metro Phoenix right now… I’m not interested in a handout or taking from already depleted bureaucratic budgets on all levels. Since Art is and always has been a passion for me, despite it getting more difficult to accomplish, it is something ‘of beauty’ that I do have to offer to my world and hopefully someday to ‘Pay It Forward’ to benefit others in circumstances like mine, now today, later in the (hopefully) very near future…

So, NOW the ‘CHOICE’ is YOURS, the ‘GRATITUDE’ is ALL OURS! Thank you in advance for helping in any way you can, because to the world YOU may be just one person, but to ONE PERSON, YOU MAY BE the WORLD

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