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Frank and Hope are about to lose their home of 40 years. All we want is to see them live out their last years in their “HOME”. To save it, Grandpa and Grandma are in need of $23,000. Please help. Any contribution would be greatly appreciated!!!

Grandpa and Grandma’s Story:
Frank and Hope (Grandpa 79 years old & Grandma 78 years old) are about to lose their home of 40 years. The only way to guarantee the foreclosure won’t happen is to reinstate the loan. This is a battle that us children and grandchildren are trying to fight, but coming up with the money has been a great struggle. The amount just keeps climbing out of our reach every week we wait. We are trying to do everything in our power to help, even if that means having to reach out to others for help in these desperate times. All we want is to see them live out their last years in their “HOME”. Grandpa and Grandma are in need of $23,000. Please, we need your help. Any contribution would be greatly appreciated.

Frank and Hope were high school sweethearts and will be celebrating their 59 Wedding Anniversary this year. In their early years, while grandpa worked at Ford and grandma being a homemaker they managed to work and maintain the Mexican restaurant they owned. They later went into the catering business and after grandpa retired from Ford he continued to work by opening up his own business as a landscaper, locksmith, and tire repair. Grandpa was a business man and a good provider always took care of the finances for his family. Grandma started doing Day Care once she became a grandparent. Even though they were hard working they always helped anyone in need. They were always donating time, money, or food for those in need even if they didn’t know them personally. Very hospitable, caring, and generous people opening their home to those who needed a place to stay. Grandma always had food on the stove ready to feed anyone that was hungry. We spent many birthdays, family reunions, and all holiday celebrations at their home. It holds many years of great memories. They are the parents of 6 children, grandparents of 20 grandchildren, and 24 great grandchildren, and we continue to grow.
  In March of 2002, my grandpa had a massive stroke called Aphasia. He was working alone at the time, when a neighbor found him in time to save his life. Unfortunately, he was left partially paralyzed and speech impaired and struggles to communicate and left dependent on grandma for everything. He has never been the same. Since then my grandma who underwent knee surgery and suffers from arthritis has suffered additional emotional, physical, and financial stress, as she continues to struggle to care for my disabled grandfather.
  In 2009, under the advice of others we decided to try to modify her mortgage loan, in the attempt to lower her payments and relieve some financial stress. She went in trusting a company to help her and followed their direction, later to find that this was the wrong thing to do. Unfortunately, the loan modification was denied. I know this is a story that we hear over and over again in this economy, and may be to some Frank and Hope is not different. To our family they are two incredibility special people, and worth the fight. As a family we’ve already established a plan to help her financially, and are now fighting to save their home. 

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