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We're stepping up to raise money to help Kristin McQueen with ongoing treatments. After raising over $100K for the ACS, it's her turn.

You've seen the phrase "Suck it Cancer" taped to the back of Kristin McQueen's race jersey. Cancer can't seem to get the memo. You are on this page because you know what an amazing person Kristin is and have probably been asking yourself what you can do to help her out. Kristin has an incredible community of friends, family, and acquaintances that has surrounded her, both in person and online. She is so appreciative of everything her family and friends have done for her over the years and has done so much for so many of us.

But now it's our turn to return the favor. We asked Kristin recently if we could help her financially. In typical Kristin style, she has made a continuous hobby out of having surgery and maxing out her FMLA time. Her response, of course was, "Why me?" And our response was, Why NOT her?

Kristin has battled her way through treatments, surgeries, setbacks, doctors shrugging their shoulders and an onslaught of complications with strength, humor and grace. She carries her Ironman attitude with her not only on race courses, but in the way she faces every challenge - which, some days, is being able to get up and go to work.

On top of the surgeries, tests and treatments, Kristin doesn't have the luxury so many of us have to be able to climb behind our desks at work and slug through it when we're not 100%. She is on her feet and using her physical reserves with patients. That means she has to try to predict when she will be able to work, and if there is the slightest question, she has to plan to be off so that patients don't have to be rescheduled. With an immune system that is shot, she also picks up every bug in her path (another perk of being in direct contact with people all day at work, too). That's more time away from work.

All of that time adds up.

When your salary makes you ineligible for financial assistance programs, but you don't get to work to actually take home your salary… what do you do? And any of us familiar with the cost of Cobra know how scary those payments can be. She's traveled across the country for surgeries and treatments, and even special lenses to protect her cornea. She has endured 5 neck surgeries, 2 rounds of radiation, 7 brain surgeries, permanent nerve damage in her face, a shoulder that doesn't function well, re-learning to chew, a loss of vision that no longer allows her to drive at night, and vertigo.

Kristin has raised over $100,000 for the American Cancer Society to help other people because that's the person that she is. She has raced. She has smiled. She has always asked each of us how WE were doing first, rather than talking about her own struggles. She is a strong and supportive friend.

And yet she asks nothing of anyone.

Let's give some love back in her direction. We will collect donations through this website, and will hold a live fundraising event here in the Chicago area in April or May for those who are local.

STAY TUNED for the event details. In the meantime, give early and often, and don't be afraid to share this page with anyone who would like to provide support.

Our Goal: $70,000
Just as Kristin hoped to raise $70,000 last year for ACS, we would like to raise that amount for her, in honor of the 70,000 young adults that will be diagnosed this year with cancer. Go big or go home.
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