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Please visit for Oliver's complete story and a service free fee way to donate!

We reached our $6,000 goal and the donations are still coming in! Thank you to everyone who has helped us get here and to everyone who is just now finding out about our son and his story. Any additional money that is acquired from this point forward will go directly to our family and assist with our dogs future expenses.

We have created a second site,       At this site people can read Oliver's full story and donate through Paypal. The Giveforward fund raiser will be closing in a few days but the site will remain open. Thank you again for visiting our fund raiser and being touched by our little mans incredible story! :-)

Oliver Michael Dicks is a three and a half year old little boy diagnosed with Autism, Verbal Apraxia, Low Tone Muscle Tension, Poor Motor Planning, Sensory Processing Disorder and Seizures. His struggles started at birth with a placental abruption which led to oxygen deprivation and low blood sugar. He had his first seizure at just two days old and spent his first two weeks of life in an Intensive Care Unit. He has overcome a large amount of obstacles in a very short amount of time, and all of his therapists and teachers expect he will continue to do so.

Oliver receives several different forms of therapy and continues making gains and is gradually closing the gap in his developmental delays, bringing him closer to the skills a child of his age should posses. Oliver’s family is constantly seeking out ways to improve his daily life and is currently trying to raise the funds necessary to get him a specially trained service dog.

Service Dogs are purchased only once the recipient is identified. The agency this family is working with has determined the best breed to suit Oliver will be a Lab. The dog will be purchased as a puppy and spend 6 months or more with the trainer. When the trainer feels the dog is ready, a trip is scheduled to spend time with the family. During the next few weeks the family is trained on how to use the dog and its skills and then the family will be left with the dog to allow the bonding processing to naturally develop.

 After two weeks alone, the trainer will return to see how the family and dog have progressed. At this time the dog will either graduate to an official service dog or be brought back for further training.

For Oliver, a service dog would help him with walking, running, distinguishing depth of steps up and down as well as comfort him and help regulate mood swings and self harming behaviors. The service dog would become sensitive to Oliver’s brain activity and be able to alert his parents if a seizure were going to happen. Dogs have also been used to help non-verbal children begin to communicate. Dogs are great pets and this alone will help Oliver by providing companionship and giving him a level of responsibility and self confidence.  Having the dog in public will increase the awareness and understanding of those around him, allowing him to have more positive social interactions.

Oliver fought so hard to live his life and now his family is fighting to make it the best life it can be. Thank you for your interest in this special little man and for any help you may be able to offer.

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