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Donations are being sought to acquire specailized medical equipment for Dan Knudsen, son of Bill and Debbie Knudsen.

  Debbie is a teacher at Harvest Christian Academy. The special equipment will assist with enhancing and sustaining Dan's life. No further donations are needed.  Sufficient gifts have been raised to fully cover the costs to acquire the specialized equipment for Dan (including some gifts made outside of this website) .  It is a wonderful thing to see so many people contributing in the name of Jesus to meet a need and to make a "dream" come true.   Thank you to all those that contributed to making this "dream" of Dan's come true!  You can continue to check-in on Dan at . ----------------------------------------------------------------- Donations are being sought to acquire specialized medical equipment for Dan Knudsen, son of Bill and Debbie Knudsen.  Debbie is a teacher at Harvest Christian Academy. The special equipment will assist with enhancing and sustaining Dan's life.  The fund raising goal was recently updated to reflect the current equipment costs for Dan's legs and arms.   As background, Dan Knudsen was an athletic and vibrant 20-year old student at Cedarville University, when he joined several of his classmates in March of 2007 to spend his spring break staffing a camp for Christian children and teens in Puebla, Mexico.  Cedarville University encourages its students to take part in mission projects and to raise their own financial support to go on service projects around the world.  While Dan was demonstrating a back flip at the camp, he under-rotated and landed on his head (according to a fellow camper).  When Dan landed, he tragically broke his neck -- fracturing both his C1 and C2 vertebrae.  His breathing stopped, and he might have died had it not been for the prompt emergency treatment by other camp counselors.  Dan spent the next several days on a ventilator in a hospital in Puebla.  He was then airlifted to Chicago's Northwestern Memorial Hospital.  The injury resulted in Dan not being able to move or breathe on his own.  The injuries were for the most part permanent. Dan was later able to go to the Kennedy Krieger Institute (KKI), part of John Hopkins University in Baltimore for some intense rehab therapy.  One key part of the therapy was on specialized medical equipment, a computerized exercise bike, where electrodes were placed at strategic muscle spots, causing his own muscles to run the bike.  On one of Debbie's visits to Baltimore to see Dan, she touched his shoulders and was amazed at the muscles that he had developed.  The computerized bike actually fires his own muscles.  They witnessed patients at KKI having much greater recovery than they had seen at Dan's initial rehab hospital.  The stay at KKI was for a limited time. The Knudsens now have people who do range of motion exercises for Dan, which is passive exercise.  It keeps his joints limber, but does nothing to actively exercise his muscles.  Because Dan's level of injury is so high (rarely does someone survive Dan's type of injury), it is unlikely that he will actually gain function.  The specialized medical equipment like that used at KKI at John Hopkins University has been prescribed for Dan to get his muscles the active exercise and movement that they need.  While the lack of the specialized equipment is not immediately life threatening, Dan's life expectancy could actually be increased through the use of this equipment.  The active exercise would also be tremendously beneficial to his general health, proper digestion (a huge issue for spinal cord patients), and mental clarity.  In short, the exercise equipment would greatly assist with sustaining and enhancing Dan's life.  The cost of the specialized exercise bike for Dan's legs and arms is approximately $20,000 (recently updated), and the Knudsen's insurance will not pay for it.  Debbie has indicated that the cost of the specailized equipment is overwhelming to them.  It is also highly disappointing to the family that Dan does not have the specialized exercise bike for his general health.   Debbie further indicated that the entire journey with Dan has been humbling as they have had to become dependent on others for so many things.  Yet, she continues to proclaim that God is good and that God has great purpose in allowing this in their lives.  Debbie futher demonstrates a true servant's heart through her dedication and service as a wonderful teacher to her students at Harvest Christian Academy. Dan has also become an encouragement to many.  Dan was later able to return to Cedarville University, and he will graduate in May of 2010.  See Dan's blog at  He truly is an amazing person and a tremendous witness of God's love, even in the face of an immense life trial. Please pray and consider if you are able and willing to assist this family with the financial aspect of their need by making a donation toward the cost of the specialized equipment.  If you are willing and able to make a donation, please see the window on this web page to process a gift via credit card in any amount of your choosing.    The donations will be presented to Dan in the name of Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord.  For through our donations in the name of Jesus, we will proclaim that God is the owner of all that we have and that He alone is ultimately the giver and sustainer of each of our lives.    You will be made rich in every way so that you can be generous on every occasion, and through us your generosity will result in thanksgiving to God.  2 Corinthians 9:11  
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