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The monies will go to paying the rent, sitters for the children when going to and from the hospital.

Transportation is expensive too. Its been an up hill battle for my family and myself these past few months. I understand that things happen. Right now its been extremely hard paying the rent and the bills as well. With my daughter's medical condition its just put added stress to our household. I am asking for a little bit of help. In the apartment that we are living in the landlord really wants his money and I also understand that just because your sick you don't stop paying the rent. Well I have payed the rent just not the stipulated portion of it cause its been hard on the both of us. I winded up without a job cause I stood home watching the kids.
Then I myself got sick. Its just been one mess after another.....
Please have a heart and donate even if its just $1, $5, or $10 it all adds up.... I have to make the stipulated portion by Thursday the latest. The amount is $2,500. That is the amount that is needed to stay in this apartment. I really can't afford to move anywhere else. I'm doing this for my grandchildren they don't deserve to be put into the street. Please again it is not for me.
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