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Regina Rigney is raising money to help continue her fight to Light the Fire in Hearts Again in Sierra Leone. Please show your support!

Lighting the fire in hearts again...the power of the creative arts...glimmers of light in dark places...SAVE the ORPHAN...I can think of countless slogans to express how I feel about fighting for Justice. But nothing sums it up better than my favorite verse from Proverbs 24:12, "God who knows our hearts and weighs our souls knows we know and holds us responsible to ACT."

At the beginning of 2010 I was introduced to Erica Stone, the Founder of The Raining Season, a non profit running an orphanage out of Sierra Leone, West Africa. Since that meeting, my entire life has changed. Traveling to Sierra Leone in June of 2010 and then again in January and March of 2011 my heart has been forever broken for these children.

Shortly after meeting Erica, she introduced me to Bethany Fristad. Bethany and I run Firefleyes, an organization existing to "light the fire in hearts again." It is our belief that through the power of the creative arts and sports we have the potential to help children in already established orphanages dream dreams big enough to change their world. Through the work we have done in Sierra Leone: building a playroom, donating soccer equipment, throwing dance parties, donating hair bows, cars, dress up clothes, baby tylenol, bread/cheese and water and countless other materials we have seen our belief become reality.

In June of 2012 I want to travel with The Raining Season once more to help them in their pursuit to SAVE the ORPHAN.

So many of my family and friends have already contributed countless dollars and supplies. It is my hope through the giving of those who know how dear this fight is to me that I can hug these children once more and continue to do the work on the ground in Sierra Leone that I began a year ago.

It is not enough to travel for 10 days, gain an understanding of poverty and then continue on my merry way...this is a life long fight...a life long the Lord places in each of do our part to piece the world back the way it was intended. Through your giving YOU play a part in giving a child in a hospital a voice, a child in an orphanage a hug, a person hungry in a village a play a part in giving them HOPE to know that we are not just going to visit, take pictures and leave...but that we will continue our relationship with them...that we will spread the word across the world to say...once we know...we have a responsibility to ACT!

Donations can be made here or sent to:
817 1/2 N. Sycamore
Los Angeles, CA 90038

Thank you for your love and support..and for helping me fight to SAVE the ORPHAN!

To read more from previous trips please visit Firefleyes blog at:

Donors are as just a part of my trip as I am and will be sent pictures, and a complimentary gift from Sierra Leone! :-)

Love and Light,
Regina G. Rigney
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