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My dear cat Wesley has taken very ill. I am asking for help to afford the vet bills to determine what is wrong with him and his treatment.

< < UPDATE >> It is with a heavy heart that I post that Wesley Dodds passed on around 1:00am on Tuesday morning (10/23). You can read about his death here:


Unfortunately, I do have vet costs to make up for in order to make rent after paying so much for his care the last few weeks, so any additional help to complete this fundraiser would mean a lot to me. Thank you.

< < / UPDATE > >


My dear cat Wesley has taken very ill. I took him to a holistic vet near my old house a couple weeks ago, and was told to switch him to wet food and see if he improved. He briefly improved, but then took a turn for the worse, clearly starving himself, anemic and dehydrated. I took him to our usual vet, further out, on Friday seeking better guidance and immediate solutions.

The usual vet was way more helpful, as Wesley had definitely taken a turn for the worse. He was anemic, dehydrated, and dying. It was recommended that I purchase prescription food and fluids and the vet showed me how to forcibly feed and hydrate him (though really  it's rather easy, especially since Wesley is such a sweet cat). I was only able to afford about $160 when I went in on Friday, so we prioritized the food/fluids purchase (7 cans of feline recovery food and a home SubQ fluid liter & set), and a couple of the list of recommended tests to try to determine what is wrong with him. She recommended that I apply to PAW for help because I was unable to afford the additional tests to determine what is causing Wesley to not eat or drink enough and be slowly starving himself. The testing he had today was a urinalysis (to rule out kidney issues, and diabetes) and ultrasound. Those all came back clear, which is good, but the vet recommended a T-4 test, a chem screen with CBC, and a couple more things that I just don't have any money for right now. The vet also brought up some things that we might do in the coming weeks to attempt to save his life, such as making sure it's not just worms (or another parasite?), giving him some nutritional shots, etc.
As a little more back story, the flea medication I have used for years seemed to just stop working this summer and we had an infestation occur. The fleas this summer were crazy bad everywhere. We switched monthly flea meds and treated the house, but Wesley's decline in health seemed to occur just at the tail-end or just after we solved the flea issue. It could be that he also has worms or just was overwhelmed by the flea issue and decided to stop eating. I am hoping that he will fair better after we've got into the routine of these feeding and hydration treatments and he maybe he will stabilize...
In the meantime, I did apply to PAW, since I do receive SNAP benefits and may be able to curb some of my costs in treating my cat. I am trying to pick up some extra work so I can afford the rest of the tests, but assistance in any of this would be such a relief. I rescued this little guy as an abandoned kitten in a box and have loved and been fortunate to have him in my life for the last 8 years. I want to be able to give him any care that he might need. So, if you want to help out, if you've met Wesley at one of my many pot lucks or parties and he warmed your lap you were like, "Why aren't more cats this awesome?" I would graciously accept the help. Like, I will even write you a  thank you letter in the good, ol' fashioned snail mail...
The cost goal here is based on the costs of the tests that the vet has suggested so far. Hopefully, thing will keep coming up clear and we won't have a major issue like cancer going on for him. 
The last two days, I 've stayed home close with him, feeding him every few hours and injecting fluids twice a day to get him hydrated. Christoph also helped me give him a deep, warm, cleansing bath when we got home from the vet on Friday, because he was just grungy from the summer, flea poop, and not cleaning himself due to lack of hydration.
It was scary to see how fast my little guy went down hill, but it's good to see some steadiness coming back into his walk and some color returning to his big, blue eyes.
That last photo is Wesley with a  portrait of himself and Mona (my other cat) that my best friend Katy Ellis O'Brien made me for my birthday this past year. <3
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