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Trying to reconnect someone I care deeply for with the family she has been longing to find

Hi. My name is Trevor. My girlfreind Amy and i have been together for 13 years live in upstate NY and have 3 beautiful kids.

Im doing this campaign thing to try to raise money so that Amy can meet her parents for the first time. You see, when she was born, her parents were young and didn't know what to do with an unexpected baby. So the nite she was born they took her to the local hospital parking lot and put her in a car. The car belonged to a nurse, who when getting off of work found Little Amy waiting in the car. The nurse brought her in the hospital were she was treated and later put into the hands of the state. Where she stayed with a foster family for about a year before being adopted by the Browns.

So now 30 years go by. Amy has grown up knowing she was adopted so she has always had those questions in her head that we take for granted like do i look like my parents, what nationality am I, do i have brothers or sisters, do i have anything to worry about medically, etc. these things plauged her everyday. One day about 2 weeks ago (im writing this 7-12-12) she decides to create a page with her story and start networking on Facebook with people in the area she was left to see if anything came of it. But with no info on them that was a hard search. But that didnt stop people from giving advice and support. One such individual suggested Amy get in contact with Newsday were the story of her being left in a car was in. She did just that. A reporter came interviewed Amy and i both, talked with a few others to verify the story and on Sunday July 8 2012 Amy's story could be found on page 8 of the Newsday paper: Now all we had to do was wait and see what happen.

The next morning Amy was up early checking the comments to the story and checking the facebook page she made when she noticed 2 people with the same last name add her as a freind. We thought that to be kind of odd so Amy starts looking through the pictures on their page. Upon looking at both these profile pics I knew that those were her parents but i didnt say so cause I didnt want to give false hope. But then Amy decides to refresh the page and thats when we saw that they wanted to add her as a family member along with a list of messages urgently asking her to call them. As soon as she saw the number the phone was in her hand dialing. Now for as long as i live i will never forget the call that transpired. The phone rings and a man answers on the other end and says "hello". Amy says "Hi this is Amy". The man on the other end respondes "Amy oh my god Amy. Hold on we got to pull over we are on the highway and have to stop to talk to you". So Amy says "ok" and we wait for what seemed like forever as they pulled off the road. He returns and says "Amy...its us". I dont remember much of what was said afterwards cause there was alot of emotions and such.

So now here we are. Amys not mad at them in the least. She just wanted answers to her life...Those answers were met beyond her expectations and now all she wants is to meet them...We both work and live paycheck to paycheck. So a trip would be rather costly to take. I dont think im asking much I just want to make a lifelong dream come true for someone I care deeply for. I just want to fufill a lifelong wish to a girl who really deserves it. So any and all donations are welcomed... Thank to all for your time..
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