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Aslan needs support to receive surgery that will remove and biopsy a recurring tumor. Please help us save our family's cherished dog.

Aslan is a beloved, eight year old Staffordshire & Beagle mix. His mother was abandoned at a shelter when her owner discovered her pregnancy. Shortly after arriving, she gave birth to four precious pups. About the same time, we decided that our six-year-old Chihuahua mix wasn't getting any younger, and that it was time for her to get a partner in crime. We knew that our best chance of introducing another pet to our family of three would be to get one with a youthful innocence.
We stopped at the shelter closest to home, and began scanning the lost souls. Although we wanted to take every single pooch home, we knew we could only fit one more. Aisle after aisle, through all of the imploring stares, we carefully examined each possibility. When we made our way back around to the entrance, we had felt as though we still hadn't found 'the one'. As we headed for the door, a shelter worker stopped us. She pointed out another wing, holding a few extra dogs that we hadn't noticed. As we peered through the doorway, a beautiful tuxedo Staffordshire caught our eye. She was extremely warm and gentle, and appreciated the affection. We knew we couldn't show up with a 65lb, full-grown monster; our felines would surely despise us all. We explained our situation, and the woman sorta chuckled a bit. She entered into the kennel, and reached into a bed placed in the far corner. Out came a precious three-week-old puppy. She continued plucking, and in an instant, a total of four pups were bounding at us. I quickly noticed that one of the two tuxedos had a heart shaped chest, and once eye contact was made, I knew he was the dog for me. We completed the extensive paper work, and went home to hope and pray. Within a few days, we were notified of our acceptance and given a date for pickup.
Since we brought that boisterous six-week-old bundle home, he has grown in the hearts of all that cross his path. Aslan is the definition of a faithful, loving companion. Shortly after getting him, I was diagnosed with lymphoma, and he was forced to grow up quickly. He never left my side for more than a moment; even through all of the crying and vomiting, he would not be frightened away so easily. With him as a crucial member of my supporters, I responded remarkably fast to my chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Within six months, I was off of treatment and declared in remission! Since then, we have spent each second adoring our time together, because I know I will never have enough.
Our Christmas spirit was crushed this past year when a plum-sized tumor appeared on his ribcage. We scrimped by for the holidays and pinched every penny we could to save for his surgery, including skipping the Christmas dinner. Eventually we managed to gather the funds, and the surgery was a success. The diagnosis was a lipoma, or fatty tumor, and he was brought home to heal. After just three short months, I noticed that a pea-sized lump had appeared under the prior incision line. He was rushed to the vet for a follow-up appointment. It was concluded to be of no current concern due to the size and texture of the mass. He was sent home under our observation for any further growth. Now, another three months down this agonizing road, the mass has suddenly tripled in size, and is of much concern. Our only option is another costly operation to determine the cause of the present tumor. With his turning eight this past March, the circumstance of an identical surgery only six months ago, and having suffered from hypothyroidism his entire life, the risks for this surgery are much higher than the previous. High risks require more intensive care, and therefore are more expensive. After everything this exceptional dog has done for me, I owe him more than my heart alone can give, and must try everything in my power to keep him happy and healthy as long as I can. With the help and kindness of fellow pet-lovers, we can give Aslan a fighting chance.
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