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The family and friends of Beverly Phillips are getting together to raise money to help with her insurance deductable and medical expenses.

First, we would like to thank you for taking the time to read this. We know it is long, but we want you to understand the situation as best as can be described.

Beverly Phillips is our mom. She has worked hard all of her life providing the for the entire family. She has always been strong, and had never been sick enough to have to go to the hospital... UNTIL...

About two years ago, her colon ruptured and she became extremely septic. They had to operate immediately, sealing off her bowel, remove sections of damaged intestine, create a colostomy and clean up whatever toxins they could before closing her up. She was put on a ventilator and then a tracheotomy and we were told she would not make it. The intensive care nurse prepared us for the worst... three times over the last two years.

She said that most people don't make it through this level of blood contamination. But she didn't know my mom. She fought, she got off of the ventilator, and began the long road to recovery. Unfortunately, while trying to stand and walk after her surgery, the sutures holding her bowel closed were broken and she became septic again, warranting another surgery. And then another. And then, yet another.

Because they had to cut into her abdominal muscles so many times, and because she had spent MONTHS in ICU, her leg muscles went into atrophy and she became unable to walk.

Several times physical therapy was brought in, several times she was sent home to begin healing, and she kept ending up back in the hospital. All over again, she would have to battle with regaining her strength in her legs to walk.

Things have been hard for her. The fight has been long and hard and at times she was almost ready to give up. Then about a year ago, there was a shooting in Arizona. It was Congresswoman Gabby Giffords. She had been shot in the head and everyone feared the worst. But despite this awful wound, she was up and walking again after only a couple of weeks. This was the inspiration my mom needed. She thought, "Well if she can do that after being shot in the head, then I can do it, too!" So she started working even harder. Intensive physical therapy and rehab pushed her and pushed her. It took several months for her to get to a point where she could hold herself up. And then slowly she was able to move herself from her bed to the wheelchair, and then she progressed to using a walker, and then a cane.

And please keep in mind that during her recovery, she had a few pitfalls to go along with the triumphs, as she would get infections and such that would mandate more hospital visits... that always landed her back into ICU... but she kept fighting and was sent back home each time. At last she was able to walk again. She was still having trouble but she could stand for longer periods of time, walk around the house, and even into the doctor's office. She was preparing to have her colostomy reversed as well.

Then the unthinkable happened. The DAY before Thanksgiving 2011, she wanted to turn the space heater off. She bent down and turned it off, but when she stood back up, the back of her leg hit a chair behind her that she didn't see. She lost her balance and fell, breaking right hip, and left knee. I can't even begin to tell you the pain she was in. We took her back to the hospital where they had to put pins in both of her legs, and she was again unable to walk. After a week in ICU, and several more in a regular hospital room, they sent her home again. Her morale was at an all time low, but she kept fighting.

About a month ago, her leg wound became infected and we had to take her back to the hospital. She had developed a multi-resistant strain of bacteria in the wound where the rods were inserted in her legs and was kept in a clean room in the ICU for over a week as they gave her round after round of antibiotics. These antibiotics gave her thrush, which gives you sores all over the inside of your mouth, and even eating soup became a chore. But she kept on fighting.

This is where we need your help. She is back home again now, and we are all hoping that she is completely done with going to the hospital. She has insurance, but it is very expensive. She has been unable to work for the past few years, and after her long term disability benefits from her job expired, she had to get on COBRA, which has a higher deductible and a higher monthly premium than the one she was on before. The hospital would not take her into rehab because she was fully bed-ridden and had a fear of falling. Her home health provider, who had been helping her with her Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy, told her that until she is able to come up with her full deductible, she has to pay for everything out of pocket. But without a job, she is now on a fixed income. She can't afford it. This means NO PT, NO OT, and NO HOME NURSING to check on the status of her infection. She is completely bed-ridden again.

She was devastated to hear the news that she would no longer be getting her PT and OT, because she is still adamant about getting up and walking again. She is scared that sheis going to get sick again from not being able to walk. She is dependent on the family to care for her, which she hates, and she's doing everything she can to literally get back on her feet. But without the health care described above, it is going to be hard and DANGEROUS. The deductible is 5,500.00. The out of pocket is 1,800.00. Only about 1,000.00 of the deductible has been met, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. Right now, the PT and OT are what's most important, so we're focusing on that to begin with, and hopefully with successful fundraising, we will be able to get her rehabilitation started again within a month.

We are not able to help her financially because of this crazy economy, so we are turning to the generosity of others. Please help my mom to help herself. She has learned to walk again 3 times already and wants so badly to do it again, we just need your help to make it happen.

Below is a link to a YouTube video that was taken just before she fell and broke her hip and knee. You can see how excited we all were (please forgive a few expletives here and there).

We would like to raise $5,000, but in all honesty, anything you can spare would be welcome.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and to learn a little about the strength and tenacity of my mother. And thank you for your kind generosity! May God bless you and everyone you love!
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