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I am trying to raise the funds for me to be able to get a new Service Dog so I can become more independent again and work again too

I was taking a bath recently and got REALLY DIZZY, thankfully I was able to get out of the tub before I had the seizure. I was lucky this time that I had my cell phone with me and called my mother, IMAGINE if I hadn't been able to get out of the tub FULL of Water. Imagine if I didn't have my cell phone I would of been sitting on the floor for who knows how long, What if this happened to you or a loved one? Now imagine having a Service Dog to assist you during a Seizure, getting help if needed. donate today so I am able to get a new Service Dog, without one I'll NEVER be able to live alone or go back to working This is why I NEED to raise funds to get a potential Service Dog in hopes it becomes my Service Dog, the dog will help me with Balance/Brace, Seizure work, Psychiatric work, (SEVERE PTSD, Anxiety and Panic Attacks) will be trained to pick up items up off the floor for me as well. By having a Service Dog I will be able to feel safe and comfortable enough to go places alone again and will be able to go back to working again as well, Imagine yourself stuck on the ground for days. Maybe even a week. Not being able to get to the bathroom,
get anything to eat, or drink. Doing something as simple as answering a phone. Even worse, how about being
on the floor, having seizure after seizure, your health deteriorating with each episode. Not being able to get to
the phone to call for help, to your meds to stop the episodes in the first place, or away from furniture that
could be potentially hazardous to your health. Now imagine if all that could change with one item in your life..... A Service Dog, These dogs are a
needed tool in our day to day lives. Not everyone can donate. We understand the economy is tight, and everyone is having
a hard time. But if you can find it in your heart, even $5 helps. Together we can make a difference in a disabled person's
life who can't afford a service animal of my own. Please, just look into your heart, and think of how I must feel not being able to do normal everyday activities, just because a trained animal costs so much. Consider helping me out, and contributing to a fund that would help me get the service dog that I need. Without a Service Dog I would not live a normal life. It will allow me to walk, and do what other people take for granted. Having a Service Dog will help me live my life to its fullest.
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