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Little Karmella needs you to help raise funds for a down payment to her attorney.♥ Let's get her safe,together. Please Show your support!!!

I have some very important information to share with you.
My name Angie and you may or may not know me perhaps you know one of my girl's we are a friendly bunch!
Sadly however I have had to create this fundraiser.
I am here promoting help for my young daughter. Karmella, she is a tiny little thing,a bright and growing girl,a sweet little four year old in a pickle.See she has a father who is abusive to her and we want to remove her from that situation so she can be protected and develop a healthy and happy life!
So here I am her Momma on her behalf asking for your support in helping her.We need to raise the amount for a down payment to her attorney.This would get things started and he said I could make monthly payments after this.This is not easy to share but is very real to these two girl's and there Mother.
Here is there story of two sister's and a single Mother. Layla 11, and Karmella 4. We live in a very small town and have run into a dangerous man,this man is Karmella's father.In June of this year Layla let her counselor and I know that during the relationship I had with Karmella's father that she was grossly sexually abused also sold for drugs and monies, by him.The local authority's were informed and have yet to respond.Mean while Karmella is court ordered to visitation's with this man.On September 1st Layla the eldest sister had a medical exam it was decided by her primary care physician that this child has been the victim of sexual assault.Later on September 15th right after Karmella comes home from a visit with her father she is found to have red and inflamed genitalia and in her rectal area.This too has been reported.Law Enforcement has yet to respond on this matter also.
I took Karmella to the Local emergency room and she was discharged for sexual assault. We are in need of an attorney to resolve custody and visitation due to the nature of these reports.
Also Just today 9/27/11
I found out that the Judge moved this case to trial with out my permission or at my request.I am the Petitioner of this matter.So this is the need for the attorney,we believe he will see that Karmella's needs are met.He is also in need since there will be witness's that will need direction in questioning.I can not do that,nor can I do this alone so please give and remember a little adds up to alot.Even if each of you only gave a dollar before we knew it our goal could be reached !
The total balance for service is $1900.00 dollars,How ever the attorney will take a down payment to get started this amount is just $700.oo. He said I could make monthly payments to pay the balance. Another way to help is to pass this link along to 3 good friend's you know may respond also some how some way all can contribute.
Thank you so much for your time! Please give, help be apart with your donation it will save this child from any further abuse at the hands of her father.Please give.Bless you ♥
~Angie Zappettini

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