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The family and friends of Robert Scroggins are uniting to raise money to help with his battle against Lymphoma. Please show your support!

My dad is a strong guy. So in April 2012, when he was having back and side pain that brought him to his knees, it was alarming to say the least. Turns out it was his gallbladder, badly in need of removal. He had surgery to remove the gallbladder and upon doing the laparoscopic procedure, a mass was noticed by the surgeon. After running multiple tests and procedures, my Dad was finally diagnosed with Stage 4 peripheral t-cell lymphoma in July 2012. This is an aggressive blood cancer with a 50% survival rate. This blood cancer was found to cover 30% of his bone marrow and small amounts of this nasty disease showed up in his spinal column, meaning it had access to his brain. So in addition to the chest port, he had an Ommaya port reservoir placed in his skull to give access for chemo treatments that he'll be receiving through Banner MD Anderson is Gilbert, AZ. Since July, my Dad has undergone 2 rounds of chemotherapy treatment which include numerous hospital stays, Dr visits, blood transfusions, and outpatient chemo sessions. He's been a real trooper through it all. God has blessed my Dad with amazing friends and family members that always check on him and help to keep his spirits lifted. He tolerated the chemo quite well, only getting sick a couple of times and only a couple infections. Just before Thanksgiving, the Dr completed another bone marrow biopsy because Dad's white cell count was not coming back up between treatments as quickly as it had before. The biopsy showed the cancer remains in his marrow at 30%. Oh, and it's gone from his spinal column :) The last part is excellent news, but it leaves the doctors puzzled as to why the cancer in the bone marrow is not responding. The doctors were already treating his cancer aggressively and at this point don't know what to do next. They have sent his records to their headquarters in Texas to make sure of two things - Was the cancer diagnosed correctly and is there an alternative course of action that can be taken? So that is where we stand as we enter into December 2012. He is not receiving treatment at this time. The doctors at Banner MD Anderson Texas are reviewing his medical records and local doctors are allowing his body to rest from the chemotherapy. They think that perhaps the disease running its natural course will lead to more clues. They will follow up with him and run comparative tests just before Christmas to examine this theory. In an effort to go out of network with the insurance and gain a second opinion, we are raising funds for my Dad. This money will go towards consultations, labs, and testing through the Mayo Clinic of Phoenix. Something of this magnitude begs being examined by another set of eyes. To do this, however, we need financial help and prayers. From the bottom of our hearts we thank you!

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