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Rodney, 28, was diagnosed with cancer. There are a lot of big expenses with getting surgery done. Please help our family stay afloat!!!

Rodney is a great husband, and a loving father to both our kids, Ronnie (7) and Ronsen (2). He is a strong brave man. If you know him, you know that he is very shy at first but once you get to know him, he's a funny outgoing person. Even thou he is going through all of this, Rodney is still pursuing his Education in welding.

2 years ago, Rodney paid his doctor a visit complaining about a pea size lump on his ankle that was bothering him. The doctor diagnosed it as a "cyst" and treated him with tylenol for the pain.

Months passed and Rodney still felt a shocking pain on his ankle, which would happen any time of the day. With this happening, he then went to see his doctor. Rodney requested to get a referral from him to get an xray on the lump, but his doctor stated that the results wasn't going to change as a "cyst" diagnose that the doctor claimed.

A year passed, Rodney could barely stand the shocking pain, so he went in to see what his doctor could prescribe. His doctor told him that he was going to give him a doctors note keeping he out of work for a couple of days because he thinks that the pain is happening from Rodney work shoes rubbing against the cyst making it painful.

The month of February passes, Rodney was laid off due to the economy affecting his field of work. They were just on the rebound of that struggle when this hit. I also noticed that the bump grew to the size of a half-dollar coin, but because he didn't complain about the pain, we didn't see the doctor.

July is near and keeping in mind that the doctor said that the pain comes from Rodneys shoes, we thought, "impossible!" Rodney is laid off and only wears slippers, yet he was suffering from the pain. We told each other, "this is the last straw, if he wasn't going to do anything, i would transfer Rodney out of Kaiser!" Went to see the doctor, we requested to get x-rays, doctor stated that it was expensive and prescribed Rodney something stronger, Motrin.

After seeing the doctor that day, I went to complain to his supervisor, whom took this in consideration and referred us to be seen by a "second opinion doctor". This new doctor was nice and took into consideration about referring Rodney to x-rays. Results came back and the doctor asked if Rodney would like it to be removed and set up a surgery date.

September 2010, surgery day. Rodney went into surgery and came out with no pain only because he was on meds.
After a week of going through the surgery, he then complained that he was still feeling the same pain and he wasn't able to feel his ankle. So just when we was about to call the doctor to tell him this, the surgeon ended up calling us. Over the phone he told Rodney "I sent in the "cyst" to be examined by our medical doctors in the mainland because we weren't to sure about what that lump was. And yesterday we got the results in and it was diagnosed to be CANCER!, being so we need to do tests."

Rodney is healing and went to the doctors to do scans, MRI, and x-rays.
The next day the doctor calls us to do a quick visit to talk to him. We go in and the doctor has more news, "we found traces of cancer in your ankle and need to re-do surgery taking out a chunk of flesh and replacing it with another piece from your body. Also there are 2 unknown traces of cancer in your lungs. But getting to it is a problem because it is located right behind the rib so they can't find a way to get to it without his lungs collapsing." we are devastated!

Now-why he needs your help:

Rodney's medical does not fully cover the cost of his surgeries, scans, tests and x-rays. We are also hoping that we will be able to get him to a better doctor that has more knowledge towards this type of cancer, and be able to help him with getting the surgery done in his lungs without worrying to much!

This came very fast and totally unexpected to our family considering now Rodney has been diagnosed with sarcoma cancer and a rare form of lung cancer... please help him meet their uncovered medical expenses, and to be able to seek a second opinion doctor to help him. Please donate what you can, the need is great. ANY AMOUNT WILL DO, BIG OR SMALL! FROM $1.00 TO INFINITY...
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