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3 year old Christopher is in the fight of his life. He is battling a rare and unknown form of cancer.

The Banach family needs our help. Up until June 18th 2014, they were just like any other young family. They had just celebrated their son Christopher’s 3rd birthday, and found out just weeks before that the family would be adding a new member in January of next year. Everything changed on that day, the day doctor told them their 3 year old son had cancer.

A few days prior, a family member noticed Christopher's eye looked a little strange. It wasn't anything very noticeable; one eye just looked swollen, and a little bigger than the other one. After doing some research online and seeing this could be something serious, Kevin and Missy immediately took Christopher to the local ER to be evaluated. At first, the doctor thought it was something minor, maybe just swelling, or even pink eye, but he ordered a CT scan just to be safe. They followed up with the scan the next day. Less than an hour afterward, they got a phone call from their doctor. They were told that Christopher had a tumor behind his left eye and needed to travel to the Children's Hospital in Orlando immediately. With their minds racing, they headed to the hospital. Within 24 hours the doctors had biopsied the tumor and given them the news no parent should ever have to hear; “The tumor is malignant; it’s cancer”.

The doctors sent the biopsies off to determine the type of cancer little Christopher had, and were expecting to begin chemotherapy treatment immediately, once they could determine exactly what they were dealing with. Many don't realize it, but there are dozens of types of chemo treatments, and it is very important to use the correct one for each type of cancer in order to give the patient the best chance for remission. The problem in Christopher’s case is, all of the tests for known cancers have come up negative. Despite all their efforts, multiple pathologists have been unable to determine what type of cancer he has. After 13 days in the hospital trying to get an exact diagnosis, the doctors began chemotherapy with 3 different chemo drugs to try to treat him as best they could. The doctors continue to try to find an exact diagnosis.

Christopher is currently having weekly chemo treatments which are expected to last for at least 52 weeks. He has good days and bad days; some days he is too sick from the chemo to even keep water down. Despite all that has been going on his spirit remains strong.  He loves blowing bubbles, going outside to throw a ball, and snuggling with his kitty, Patches.

On 10/9/14 Christopher underwent major surgery to remove as much of the tumor as possible. The surgery went well; and the visible tumor was removed. Because there was no way to take healthy tissue surrounding the tumor, extra treatment will be required to ensure all of the cancer cells have been killed. Once Christopher recovers from surgery; proton radiation is planned in Jacksonville for 5-7 weeks. Radiation is done 5 days a week with daily sedation; therefore the family will need to re-locate temporarily until radiation therapy is complete. Chemotherapy will continue until at least June 2015.

Due to this unexpected turn in life's events, Christopher's parents have found themselves in a difficult situation. At a time when they were happily anticipating a new baby, they have been hit with an emotional and financial nightmare. They need to be able to care for Christopher while he is sick, as well as prepare for the new baby, but naturally still have many bills coming in. The time they need to spend away from work while Christopher is sick and receives treatment in Orlando over the next year means work hours are reduced and costs are increased. We are coming together as family, friends, and even strangers to give this family one less thing to worry about during Christopher's treatment. The money raised will be used for household bills, health insurance premiums and deductibles, travel costs (i.e. gas, food, and hotels), baby items, and other everyday expenses. Would you join with us and help support this precious little boy and his family?

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