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Theo J. Davis is my husband and an exemplary man who could really use some help.

Our Story:

I hope this letter finds you in good health.  I am a 26-year-old African American gentleman from Jackson, MS, and I am currently residing here to this day.  I am also a Christian known by name as Theo J. Davis.  I was saved in college (Mississippi State University) at the age of 21 but due to the lack of discipleship turned back to a world in which I was quick to discover that I had become mutually incompatible.  As I ignorantly began my pursuit in running from the Lord, there was one thing I noticed: I could no longer find comfort in a world in which I once loved, and in a roaring lion, in whom I was once energized by.   As C.S. Lewis so eloquently puts it, “And so the Great Angler played His fish and I never dreamed that the hook was in my tongue.”  With the convicting and sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit, I gradually turned back to the Lord and began to have an insatiable hunger and thirst for His Word like never before.  I could not get enough of reading His Word, memorizing scripture, loving the things He loved, hating the things He hated, and fellowshipping with people in which I once despised.  This monumental transformation happened right at the end of my college tenure.  Upon graduation, I was hired for a job in Jackson, MS, and I have been working in this city for the past three years.

Consistent with the testimony of most African American males (approximately 72%),  I grew up in a single parent household and never had a father to help and instruct me on how to transition from a child or “adolescence” into that of a man.  The curse of fatherlessness and sin in my life led to inconsistencies in leading a productive and discipline lifestyle and a life without the skills, equipment, and the necessary mindset for the most important role a man will ever acquire, which is that of a husband and father.  These are plagues in which I overcome with the strength of the Lord and in the power of His might daily.  My prayer is that if this letter does no more, it would at least encourage you that “Marriage is any society’s best arrangement for helping children to thrive.  As has been said numerous times, marriage is the greatest department of health, education, and welfare any society can have.  The government can spend trillions and never approach the effectiveness of the family in this regard” (Voddie Baucham). 

In addition to Mississippi State being my birthplace as a new creation, before I graduated there with a degree in Psychology, I was mentored by many individuals, one gentleman in particular by the name of Byron Williams, a professor of Computer Science and  Entrepreneur at Mississippi State.  Dr. Byron Williams introduced me to a gentleman by the name of Randal Pinkett and if this name rings a bell, it is because during that time Randal had just won Season Four of the Celebrity Apprentice, keep in mind that I had no father figure so I easily attached and took on as many decent male mentors as humanly possible.  Dr. Pinkett came to Mississippi State to speak at the Humphrey Coliseum.  Byron and I picked up and escorted Randal from the airport at the Golden Triangle.  Dr. Pinkett and I began engaging in healthy dialogue and through his advocacy for young age entrepreneurship I immediately comprehended that this would soon become an avenue God could use to fuel my calling in ministry.  This led me to purchase my first duplex in which for the first year I stayed in one side with my disabled aunt, whom I help to take care of, and I rented out the other side.  This was the foundation of my first property company which is called Agapao Properties.  Agapao is a Greek word and is mentioned countless numbers of times in the Bible anytime it refers to God’s love for us and how our love should be toward one another.  Speaking of Agapao (love), I recently got married on January 26, 2013 to my beautiful wife.  Her name is Jessica Davis.  So in accordance with biblical precedence, I decided to prepare a place for her.  We decided to move into the other side (side B) of my duplex.  We also made the decision to allow my aunt to continue staying in the other side (side A).  It was a no-brainer in choosing to provide for my aunt over the continuity of a profit.  1 Timothy 5:8 says, anyone who does not provide for their relatives, and especially for their own household, has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.  So subsequently, I issued a non-renewal of lease to my tenant.

I know that the Lord has orchestrated this duplex purchase and company startup because of the provisions He has made for the future of Agapao Properties.  God not only allowed me to close on this duplex at the tender age of 25, but He also placed this property smack dab in the center of multiple other duplexes owned by another successful older entrepreneur who is interested in selling me “as many of them as I can afford” for a very good bargain all because he says that, “he respects and admires me because I’m really young, I have an extremely good head on my shoulders, and he wants to support and give me a help up as a young entrepreneur.”

I can truly see the Lord’s hand and direction in my life, and my hope is that you would see the Lord at work here also.  This letter is very difficult for me to write seeing that I have always been on the opposite end of this equation.  Many years of experience in the service of giving to those genuinely in need and also even giving unknowingly to those who may have had more deceptive agendas at heart during my years of lesser prudence.  

In the midst of so many fraudulent requests, I could only hope that mines would make it to the table of consideration and eventually to your hearts with careful discernment as I trust you will do.  I am writing these things to you to ask for your continual prayers and if possible also your financial support.   I understand if you take the noble position that if a man does not work neither does he eat because I take that position also.  I am here as a fellow brother not asking for a handout because I understand and subscribe to the aforementioned principle earnestly.  I do not support subsidizing laziness and penalizing hard work.  I am asking for your generous financial support to impart momentum to a vision to help me purchase the rest of these duplexes God has placed in our proximity.  As you very well know, the condition of the housing market is recovering from the major hit of the 2007 housing market crash, but the prudent purchasing of rental property has historically, consistently been an excellent investment.  My current property has been faithfully rented for the past year, and the other eight duplexes, some of which I am planning to purchase with your help, have had tenants consistently for the past 26 years (built in 1986).  By your generous contribution during the incipient phases of Agapao Properties, you would help to create the launch pad needed for self-sufficiency to help us to go into full-time ministry and to continue (as I have been doing for the past two years) only with a greater intensity preaching the gospel and making disciples across college campuses and other locations in the greater Jackson area.  This opportunity would also give my wife and I the opportunity to attend seminary full-time to learn theology and the original languages (Greek and Hebrew) needed to study and know the Bible better to make disciples.  Last, your gift would support us in continuing not to be only a part of the 28% of the African American fathers who come home every day to their families but provide us with the means to be an exemplary model.   Our desire is not only to preach the gospel, but to make disciples, which could prevent others from partaking in a backsliding similar to that I once experienced years ago.  You may ask what does seminary and sharing the gospel have to do with increasing that 28% of responsible African American fathers (plus the one out of three for all races in the US) and decreasing the 72% (plus the two out of three for all races in the US) of fatherlessness and why such an overwhelming passion to do that work.  Are they related in any way?  Well I would answer by saying yes they are related in every way possible!  I do not claim to have a solution or a panacea to all the world’s problems, but I have ascertained one thing during my brief twenty-six year pilgrimage here on earth.  This is that all of life’s issues stem from one conflict and that problem lies at the very core of our being-the heart.  People today minimize and redefine sin, often alleging that the “failures” of their lives and certain “disorders” exist because of how others have treated them.  The victim mentality reigns supreme as popular culture comforts itself in affirming that people are basically good and whatever may be wrong is not really wrong, but merely a preference of personal freedom.  Instead of accepting responsibility for their behavior, people demand to be accepted as they are.  They reclassify serious and heart issues “illnesses” and “addictions” and try to “cure” them with prescription drugs and psychotherapy.  But because that fails to deal with sin, the actual root cause of the problem, society goes from bad to worse (John MacArthur).  The scripture tells us, Can a leopard change its spots, or an Ethiopian his skin? So can you do good who are accustom to doing wrong.  See we first need a change of heart before any type of reformation (i.e. good family structure) can truly begin.  The gospel changes hearts!

One beauty of my request is that you not only give a man a fish, but also your support would subscribe to the notion of teaching a man how to fish!  I have heard of countless stories of individuals who raise support for their upcoming year of ministry.  I see no error with this model at all.  The only dilemma one is faced within this effort is that when that fiscal year is complete, the mission worker is out of funds and is in need of support for the following financial year.  This example describes giving a man a fish.  Your support in helping me purchase these rental properties would give the necessary leverage and provide continual support for even a lifetime which is the epitome of helping teach a man how to fish.  By this I mean your support would not only help me for this fiscal year, but for ages to come.

I know that giving is heart purposed and directed and is based on the principles of good stewardship so my hope is that your giving is exercised in a similar fashion.  I pray the Lord moves your heart to become a springboard and to help us achieve this goal!

Here is a link to an article done on me from the Mississippi Business Journal: 

Here is a link to me on Channel 12 News:

Here is a link to the YouTube video of me proposing to my wife:

I hope this article and these short videos give you a glimpse of my heart and also help place a face to the writer of this letter.

Thank you for listening.

in His love,

Theo J. Davis


If preferred, you can mail donations. Make checks or money orders payable to:  

Theo J. Davis /or Agapao Properties

 PO Box 59526

Jackson, MS 39284

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