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On behalf of the Rigby family, THANK YOU so much for your generous gift.

Jeff has begun his second set of Chemo treatments. He has two days left this week. Seems to be hitting him harder than the first week did. He will head to MD Anderson Cancer Treatment Center on May 4, 2012 where he will undergo testing and meet with the Doctors.
we then will know if the treatment has shown any success.

What a fun night was had in Shelley Idaho friday night April 6th at the fundraiser organized by Toni Rigby for Jeff. The entertainment was awesome. We had old time fiddlers, Country poet Marty Mickelson, female vocal by Kristi Mazza singing "You Believe", Motivational speaker Kara Belt Kearsley - what a great job she did, Hannah Keating sang - " In my Own Little Corner from Cinderella". The Students from Gateway Foundation Theathre & Dance performed Throughly Modern Millie from the musical, Dana Atkins Instructor sang & performed "Forget about the boys". Nathan Anderson & Shayla Zundel sang "Old Fashion wedding" from Annie Get Your Gun.
Dana Atkins sang Vanilla Ice cream fro She loves me. Camille Gold sang "Someone Loves me"
Jason Perkins sang 3 country music songs & Aileen Perkins stokes Sang 3 country music songs.
Finished up with a cello performance by Lincoln.
What a great Job all these entertainers did for this benefit. Thanks for donating your time and evening to make a successful night. The night finished up with the awarding of the silent auction items that were donated by many people & businesses. The final was the drawing of the winning raffle ticket by Leya Rigby for the quilt made by Sharlene Simons. Much was raised on behalf of Jeff. Hopefully this assists him to get through this terrible disease. Thanks to all that came, helped, and shared their love and concerns for Jeff.

Jeff has had one week of chemo therapy and is doing well. Loss of hair is the most visual thing. He has had some nausea but is doing well. He will begin a second round of chemo on April 18, 2012. On May 4 th he returns to MD Anderson where he will undergo catscans & blood tests May 5th and then visit with Dr. Phan and other on May 7th and 8th to see how this 1st rounds of chemo therapy has done. Then we hope they can map out future treatments.

Jeffs and Alyssa have returned from MD Anderson. Jeff has opted to have treatments here in Pocatello under the direct guidance of MD Anderson's Dr. Phan. He had Chemotherapy Port surgically implanted on Friday 16 Feb 2012. He begins treatment on Monday and will be given chemo Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday each day given larger dosages, up to 6 hours. This will repeat three time over the next 8 weeks. We are all offering him prayers as he goes throught this treatment.

If you feel you can help please do. Every little bit helps.

Jeff had a visit with Dr. Phan at MD Anderson Cancer Treatment Center today 3-5-2012. He was told he has Stage IV Adrenal Cancer as the tumor near his liver has begun to invade the liver. She has reviewed what has transpired over the past year and was not happy with how his cancer has been dealt with here in Idaho/Utah. At this point in time she has recommended an aggressive chemo treatment attack on the cancer. This will mean Jeff will have to undergo Chemo therapy 5 days IV chemo treatment then 3 Weeks off, then 5 days IV Treatment and 3 weeks off, the 5 days IV treatment then Back To MD Anderson Cancer Treatment Center If Jeff decides to come back to Idaho for the treatments. We know the Lord will guide his decisions.

Jeff and Alyssa are in Houston, Tx at MD Anderson Cancer Treatment Center. The visited with their assigned doctor. They had jeff do some blood tests and a Catscan. He meets with an Onocolgist on Monday March 6. They will have a consult during the week and Friday Jeff and Alyssa have to be back to their asigned doctor for a layout of what can be done for Jeff.

Jeff and Alyssa are staying with two wonderful people in Sugarland, Texas, Wylie and Rose Barrow. They have opened their door and hearts to assist Jeff and Alyssa. Thank you to Stake President Kenneth Scott Barrow for his assistance. What wonderful people are here to help.

Imagine your worst nightmare has come true. Jeff has had one of his worst nightmares come true and it is cancer. Not a cancer that we normally hear about. His cancer is extremely rare. It is Adrenal Cortical Carcinoma and he needs Everyone's help, assistance, and friendship to beat this disease, one of his worst nightmares. Please donate to this effort.

At the age of 29, Jeffrey was diagnosis with a very rare cancer, Adrenal Cortical Carcinoma. The news was shocking to him and his wife as well as his extended family. The rarity of the cancer has caused much concern for Jeff and his family.

Many of his friends and supporters have asked what they can do to help him and Alyssa and their three beautiful children, Leya, 6 years old, Lynlee, 4 years old and Christian, 1 year old, during this difficult time. If you would like to give, please consider a gift through this site. Your donation will help offset the additional costs of medical treatment. Any amount you contribute will help stabilize the situation and bring a sense of normal life back into their home.

Jeff is a family man, he married Alyssa August 5, 2004 in the Logan LDS Temple and started his family. He has become a journeyman plumber and pipe fitter to care for his family. He is active in his church and community having served a mission for the Church in LDS Manchester England Mission. He has missed may days of work this past year and will miss many more days in this battle. He needs to maintain his household and medical insurance to assist with the costs he has incurred and will continue to incur in the battle against cancer.

Jeff has been a fighter for life since infancy, when he was born with an intestinal obstruction atresia of the proximal ileum and an end to end anastomosis was performed to correct the problem. He did well after this procedure.

During the Fall of 2010 he started putting on weight without changing anything in his lifestyle. From January until March 2011, he had put on more than 30 pounds of weight. He began to work out in a gym, eat better and the weight continued to accumulate. On March 17, 2011, he went to community care to get a physical. They ran a thyroid test as thyroid issues ran in his family. Test came back normal. They then ran an insulin resistance test coming back stating he was borderline diabetic. We sought out additional medical help and found Dr. D'Souza a specialist in internal medicine. Dr. D'Souza's first thoughts were sleep apnea until we showed photos of Jeff before and after the weight gain. Dr. D'Souza then thought Cushings Disease. They ran a blood test and his blood levels for cortisol were higher than normal. They had Jeff run a 24 hr urine analysis and his cortisol was 8 times normal. They performed a CT scan and found a 10 cm tumor on his adrenal gland. The next day we met with a surgeon and surgery was schedule for April 7, 2011 where they removed his left adrenal gland and tumor. Two weeks later they identified the tumor as adrenal cortical carcinoma, a very rare form of Cancer. On May 18th, 2011, Jeff under went an emergency appendectomy. Over the next 8 months, Jeff had several PET scans all coming back clean, and under went radiation treatment and was put on Mitotane to reduce the chance of the cancer from coming back. We were excited for Jeff although working and radiation treatments were extremely hard on him. By fall, Jeff was finally starting to feel like his old normal self. He had lost 50 pounds since April and looking great. Because of it being the end of the year and our insurance out of pocket was met we decided to have one more PET scan ran under insurance. We didn't think we would have gotten the news that we did. Dec 27th Jeff's PET scan showed not just one but several tumors have grown since August, one by his liver and the rest by his spleen. They performed a CAT Scan and found several more smaller ones. January 3rd we had the larger one by the liver biopsied and found that it is also the same type of tissue as the tumor that was removed back in April. After the biopsy though, the tumor bled out into Jeff's abdomen and he spent 3 days in the hospital and because of it has lost out on many weeks of work. We were with the hope that surgery would be done and we would be able to fight this but on January 25th found that the surgeon at the Huntsman Center in Salt Lake feels the surgery is not going to be beneficial in Jeff's situation and that with the recurrence of more tumors, that more aggressive care needs to be taken. We are seeking assistance at MDAnderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas.

Jeff and Alyssa love and appreciate friends and family immensely and would love to hear from you. If you prefer to send a donation or card by mail, please send to:

Jeffrey Rigby
325 Meadowlark drive
Shelley, ID 83272

On behalf of the Rigby family, THANK YOU so much for your generous gifts as this will help make their lives less stressful during this horrible ordeal!
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