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Well, Im looking to get a lower body lift, asap so i can travel the country!!

This is what we have come to.... I've compeatly ran out of options here. Without using somone for money, or slaving away at a dirty abusive strip club for crap money i'm making this attept to earn a helping hand... When i was littler i was a track runner, an all around athlete, and pagent qween. I was such a happy person, I did talent showes and beauty pagents ext.... My world came crashing down when my appedix bursted. My surgery was emergent and my recovery was almost two months in witch I laid in a bed and got to walk down the hallway, hunched over, once a day.... I could barely hold my fluids and food.... Even though my waist and legs lost all their muscle mass and my body is a little harder to carry around then before, also inpossible to get back to a satisfactory normal without a surgery.... I fought for my health. I got teased and abused by everyone non understanding person in my life till I became a loner and moved to Denver in hope to make some money to get me somewhere. This is a little hard to do with one strip club to use and caddy girls and stuck up strip club managers and judgemental stooges... I would love to compeate in a pole comp and a beauty pagent again... These days it's just a little too difficult to keep up with myself.... I have no will to do much of anything anymore. It's not the partying like you may assume... I barely have fun when i go out anymore, and i go out for free because i know and promote for the party seen. I actually want to GOGO for Mrs Easy someday soon but I cannot without this surgery. I can't do much of anything i want to do without it. I got diagnosed with major depression and the healing process is more then impossible without feeling like my old self again. I can't let myself fall for much of anyone because im easily manipulated with these scars, who knows how genuine it will actually be or if im even happy enough to treat the one they way they disurve, or the way i want to treat them... I want to model and make money. It's seemingly harder to save and keep up with my bills, and med bills at the same time when i can't really be happy and positive in my line of work, switching jobs is not an option right now with how much money I need for school, and catching up with the kaos and mess my life has been for the past 4 years, also if I want to pay for this surgery and get some weels. Unfortunatly my family isn't the wealthiest and i'm on my own here... Happy girls are the prettiest girls... It took me a long time to accept because it wasn't my fault but, Sometimes pretty is all we have. I'm reaching out to gain what every woman disurves in there life even if ripped from them by a terrible accident. This is a little hard on my pride and I never really ask anyone for anything but if you guys can help me spread the word and raise like 1500 to 2000 for a down payment, the surgry is 3000 I believe. I know it's not much and sounds easy to make but it's not at all right now and it would be taking a huge lift off my aching body. I'll return the favor with genuine happieness and a triumphant return to my old self and own life! Thanks FB Friends! Lmk!
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