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Meet Dayna, a young mom with a Grade 4 Glioblastoma

Dayna is a young, single mom who absolutely adores her three year old daughter. But, Dayna is literally fighting for her life. 

Dayna has worked hard to make a life for herself and her daughter Maddie. After fleeing an abusive marriage, she wanted to be sure Maddie would have a stable childhood, be surrounded by people who love her. Dayna found a great home and was a bank teller with many beloved clients. Maddie was in a fabulous pre-school learning her ABCs and how to count. They enjoyed walks to the park, reading together and playing with Maddie’s Legos. They had a loving church family and enjoyed being as involved as possible in their local town.

Suddenly, their wonderful life changed. Dayna began needing to leave work early quite often due to debilitating headaches. Over the next several months she had many appointments at a local clinic. Each time they told her it was no more than a sinus infection. Her headaches continued. Eventually, her caring employers urged her to go to the emergency room. A scan of Dayna’s head revealed a large brain tumor along with hydrocephalus (an abnormal amount of spinal fluid in the brain). The very next morning she had surgery.

Tests of the tumor resulted in a diagnosis of a Grade 4 Glioblastoma—a very aggressive (and nearly always fatal) form of brain cancer. Glioblastomas (GBM) arise from astrocytes, the star-shaped cells that make up the “glue-like,” or supportive tissue of the brain. These tumors are usually highly malignant (cancerous) because the cells reproduce quickly and they are supported by a large network of blood vessels. 

That was February 6th, 2015. Doctors told her she had 12-18 months to live. But Dayna has been fighting this cancer ever since. She and Maddie had to leave their wonderful home, community and friends to be closer to the best possible care. But it appeared to worth it when she saw amazing results--the tumor nearly disappeared--and HOPE grew. In fact, her doctors were so pleased they even took her off many of her treatments--including a break from chemo. Dayna was hopeful and moved back to her home and community of friends. She even got her job back.

But, unfortunately, an MRI in late November 2016 showed a recurrence.

So, once again her life is being driven by all her treatments (and likely more surgeries). She and Maddie have had to once again leave their friends, home and community so Dayna can be closer to her original doctors. That was heartbreaking. And, now back on treatments that leave her unable to work and properly care for Maddie, the bills have once again begun mounting. Add to this the fact that many of her treatments are not covered by insurance. 

Dayna is continuing to fight to beat this cancer, but she needs your help. Please donate whatever you can, and join us in showing the world we have #Hope4Dayna!

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